Collection: Compression Belt Knee Brace

Protect your knees and lift more weight

Push your limits with a pair of knee pads and quickly and easily control your compression levels with our Velcro system. You will be able to increase your leg strength with our knee supports. Our wraps are made of high-performance elastic material with reinforced stitching and strap closure to give you long-lasting durability and compression.

Who can benefit from weightlifting knee braces?

Knee braces reduce stress and strain on the quadriceps to protect your knees when lifting weights. Knee braces lift more weight and protect your knees for heavier, safer and faster results!

main feature:

70" long stretch nylon material

Reinforced stitching and heavy duty Velcro closure

Hook and Loop Fastening System for Custom, Secure Fit -

outstanding quality 

Lightweight and breathable