Collection: Copper Fit Compression Socks

Are there really socks you can wear to keep you from getting tired? While the exact statement varies by manufacturer, the general point is that the compression and copper weave in the fabric can work together to help you avoid fatigue.

If we break down these claims, this is what we know:

Compression: what it does

For muscles, compression socks thumbs up!

Researchers have noted some benefits of using compression garments to aid post-exercise recovery. People have noticed small to moderate benefits after using these devices for up to 48 hours following high amounts of moderate to vigorous (muscle injury-inducing) exercise.

These benefits include:

  • reduce muscle swelling
  • Reduce muscle pain
  • Increases removal of lactic acid from muscle

Research has shown that wearing compression socks between rounds of muscle-damaging exercise not only increases the circulation of lactate/metabolic waste within the muscles, but also reduces inflammation, which in turn reduces soreness.

Therefore, this study seems to support the claim that lower extremity compression can potentially improve recovery and delay the onset of muscle soreness.

Copper: what it does

Why Copper Offers Some Limited Benefits for Feet (But Only in Smell)

Research supports the antimicrobial properties of copper. This is based on a concept called "contact kill," which means bacteria, yeast and viruses are killed on solid metallic copper surfaces. Copper is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an antimicrobial material.

Therefore, copper can eliminate the odor of sweaty feet, which is a good benefit. However, research has not shown that copper is effective in controlling pain, stiffness, or bodily function. Any analgesic benefit found to be the result of a placebo effect.

Compression and copper as a combination

More research is needed on how these work together

There is little or no professional literature on copper and compression bonding.

Aside from the potential odor-related benefits, there is no evidence to support the idea that people who use copper-infused compression garments benefit more in preventing fatigue or promoting recovery than non-copper alternatives.

6 Reasons to Use Copper Socks for Foot Problems

Prevent soreness

Standing all day is painful and exhausting. At the end of the day, you come home with sore feet.

Copper compression socks provide light compression. This helps regulate venous blood flow. It also helps increase oxygen and blood circulation to the feet.

It reduces the chance of lactic acid building up in the muscles, which is the main cause of soreness.

Reduce swelling and pain

Do you have a 12-hour shift, most of which is standing? Then you must be familiar with swollen and sore feet.

Compression stockings provide the healing benefits of copper. Its anti-inflammatory properties help relieve muscle and foot pain.

Copper socks help reduce skin inflammation and relieve pain.

Prevent varicose veins

Varicose veins are caused by improper functioning of the valves in the feet that cause blood to flow upward to the heart.

If standing work affects your occupational health, immediately switch to copper socks. Over time, excess pressure can weaken the valve, and blood will begin to pool in the foot. Compression stockings can help relieve discomfort from varicose veins.

Reduce sweat and odor build-up

Foot odor is a common problem that people face when they have to stand all day for work. Sweat itself doesn't have any odor, but when combined with heat, it provides a natural breeding ground for bacteria. This can lead to an unpleasant odor.

Copper socks are made from moisture-wicking fabric, which means your feet will stay dry and cool all day long. Copper is self-sterilizing and can be cleaned infrequently. Even if you wear socks for many days in a row, your feet won't smell bad.

Copper's antibacterial properties block sweat and odor-causing bacteria. This increases occupational hygiene and prevents the stench of sweaty feet.

Improve blood circulation

Copper promotes the formation of new blood vessels from pre-existing blood vessels.

When used in combination with compression stockings, it helps treat deep vein thrombosis (DVT), venous eczema, edema, and similar problems caused by poor blood flow.

Recover faster from injury

Every company puts industrial health and safety first. If you hurt your foot at work and neglect it, it can lead to infection or serious problems.

It is important to heal the feet and legs after an injury. You need to keep the injured area dry, clean and sterile. Copper socks tick all those boxes. They are effective against itchy skin, fungal and bacterial infections, foot ulcers and other foot ailments.

Because copper socks improve blood circulation and keep your feet dry, you can recover quickly from injuries.