Collection: Open-toe Compression Socks

open toe elastic stockings

While most people are familiar with traditional closed-toe stockings, few know exactly what an open toe means, as it relates to compression. An important thing to note is that open-toed clothing is not the same as footless clothing. In fact, the difference is huge!

Open-toed garments end below the ankle, while open-toed garments will extend over the entire ankle and heel, over the entire arch, and down to the base of the toes. This is an important design feature for wearers with advanced conditions and targeting swelling in the foot and ankle area. Because this style ends just behind the toe, it's a great option for summer and those looking for extra flexibility in footwear (ie sandals anyone?).

When to wear open-toe compression stockings?

Open-toe compression socks end at the bottom of the toe, so are perfect for summer sandals, flip-flops, and open-toed shoes. Not to mention, your toes are exposed, so they also help with ventilation.

Also applies to:

  • People with large shoes or long toes
  • People with sensitive toes or front of feet
  • People with ingrown nails, bunions, or open sores
  • People looking for comfort without cramped toes

If you experience any discomfort or tightness in your toes while wearing a compression garment, or any of the above toe conditions, the open toe option is great for you as it allows more freedom of movement for your toes.

Open-toed stockings provide the same medical pressure as closed-toe stockings.

Pro tip: If you need to wear open-toed shoes for certain situations, but want to wear a closed toe, you can place your open-toed compression knees under a pair of regular ankle socks. This will give you the coverage you need inside the shoe without cramping.

What are the benefits of open-toe stockings?

Compared to closed toes, open-toe compression stockings also come with a foot slide. You might be thinking, "What the heck is a slippery foot?" or "Why do I need that?" All of our premium brands provide your open-toed stockings with stocking-like assistance for easy application. Temporarily wrap this over your feet before putting on compression stockings. The foot slide helps reduce friction between the skin and fabric, making the wearing process easier.

With the warmer temperatures in spring and summer, it's also time to travel. A luxury vacation is no excuse to drop your compression stockings. If anything, travel is one of the times when you need compression stockings the most, especially when you're traveling by air. The breathability of open-toed stockings is the best option for travel to warmer climates. Warmer weather also means sports season and better weather for running and exercising outdoors. Again, don't let this be an excuse to put your compression stockings aside. We know that during summer workouts, warm weather + warm body temperature = enough warmth. But for your workout or physical activity, compression can be very beneficial. To name a few, compressions help prevent lactic acid buildup, help muscles stay well-oxygenated during activity, and aid in the post-workout recovery process. Try an effective and stylish footless compression sleeve that gives you these benefits!

So what's the main message here? The warmer months may tempt you to ignore compression stockings, but don't. Keep your legs healthy and your toes some fresh air during these few months of wearing flip flops and sandals!