Collection: Back Braces for Women

At ZSZBACE, we have many back braces designed for women. Whether you've injured your collarbone or need a maternity brace, we've got you covered. Obviously, a woman's body is very different from a man's. Because of this, back supports made for women are more effective in treating back problems. In fact, some doctors and scientists claim that back injuries are more common in women than men. For example, compression fractures and osteoporosis of the back are more common in women. A back compression fracture occurs when your vertebrae or spinal bones break. The main cause of compression fractures is osteoporosis, the inability of your body to make new bone.

Straps to improve female posture

Posture correction is very popular because of its incredible health benefits. Because of this, ZSZBACE has created a postural stand for women. Breathable and lightweight, this stand is a great choice for women. Because of its very stylish design, you can wear this upper back and shoulder support anytime in your busy daily life. This brace for female postural support is made like a backpack, putting it on and off is a one-person job. Its size is universal, so you can adjust it to the size that suits you best. This Lady's Postural Back Support will help relieve tension in your neck and back, correcting your posture while giving you higher energy levels.

Female back support for clavicle or clavicle injury

The clavicle is one of the most common fractured or fractured bones. Typically, clavicle injuries are seen in children and young adults. However, as women age, their clavicle fractures become more common. Therefore, ZSZBACE offers a female clavicle back brace. If your injury is a simple fracture, there is no need to realign the bone, just fix the area with a brace to help the bone heal and recover. This stand has soft shoulder straps and is latex free.

Female Thoracic and Upper Back Support Brace

This female hyperextension back brace is very supportive. The brace applies pressure to three different areas of the body - the sternum, mid-back, and front of the buttocks. This brace supports a woman's thoracic spine (upper and mid-back) while limiting flexion. Most importantly, the female chest-back brace promotes proper posture and spinal alignment, which will help relieve most back pain. Thanks to the three-point pressure system, this stent is essentially a pain reliever.

This thoracic spine and upper back support helps treat:

  • compression fracture
  • kyphosis
  • Other spinal curvature disorders
  • Disc Injury
  • Osteoporosis
  • Unwanted spinal flexion of the thoracic and lumbar spine