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Golfers around the world can enjoy breathtaking sights and feelings that others may never experience.

For example, only golfers know the peace that comes with gazing at a newly trimmed and well-maintained rolling green.

They also know the excitement that comes with having this extraordinary outing, where they stay in good shape and eventually reach new personal bests.

However, golfers also know some of the unpleasant aspects and pains of the sport - namely the golfer's elbow. Here are some insights into what this condition is, how it can affect you, and why a golfer's elbow brace can be the best solution to the generally recommended compression cuff.

What is a golfer's elbow? Exploring Epicondyle Pain

The human body is built to perform certain tasks repeatedly. Walking, talking, and even lifting properly is easy for most people, thanks to your anatomy.

However, you should not perform certain actions permanently without some form of support. This is the case with golfers, whose actions of holding and swinging the club can cause long-term stress on the elbows.

To truly understand the specifics of the condition and how it affects your daily life, you must first understand the anatomy of the elbow.

What exactly does a golfer's elbow do?

Looking like a simple joint, the elbow consists of three bones that connect to various tendons, ligaments, and muscles. A golfer's elbow often involves an epicondyle strain.

The epicondyle is the bony bulge at the end of the elbow. A golfer's elbow is caused when the attached tendons become inflamed. It can cause stiffness in the joints and make it difficult to move. It can also impair movement in the lower arm, all the way to the wrist.

Sometimes soreness can even turn into numbness, which is especially problematic when a person is doing anything that involves grasping. Turning the key on your car's ignition, picking up a glass of water, or even shaking hands with a friend or golfing partner can turn into painful experiences.

How common is a golfer's elbow?

This type of elbow pain can seem downright debilitating—in some ways, it might be. However, while unpleasant in some cases and distressing in others, it's not uncommon. Many people deal with this every year.

Although it affects less than one percent of the population, there are still many people. While golfers are most commonly affected by epicondyle pain, it can also occur in others. It affects pitchers, baseball players, and even carpenters.

Why use a brace for a golfer's elbow

For some people, ice packs and exercise tape are the best treatments for this condition. For others, forearm pronation/supination and wrist extension can help. However, a golfer's elbow brace may be the best option when it comes to prevention methods.

Like most sports, golfers can use protective equipment to keep themselves safe. By taking a proactive approach to preventing injuries, you are more likely to be protected whenever you enter the field.

Even though the result of prolonged golfing may be only mild irritation, it can still help prevent pain completely and get more out of your golfing experience.

Why do some people use sleeves?

When researching the best brace for a golfer's elbow, some choose to use a different device -- a compression sleeve.

One of its advantages is that it allows extra warmth to settle in the area, effectively acting as a natural pain reliever for those who already experience some pain.

Another benefit is that it covers a large area, so you can treat any nearby tendon or muscle injuries at the same time.

Why braces are a superior remedy

The reason braces are better than sleeves boils down to one concept - support.

The sleeve can provide the pressure needed to heat certain painful areas, but it is not optimized for the specific anatomy of the elbow.

The brace doesn't just provide warmth - it's contoured to provide extra support for the elbows to counteract the constant force. When you use a brace, you can allow yourself to make the movements you need while golfing without jeopardizing your health.

Invest in Quality Golfers Elbow Pads

The human body is a complex machine, and it needs the right equipment to take care of it. When you're looking for a golfer's elbow brace, choose one from a company that specializes in support and compression equipment.