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Ankle Support Brace, Breathable Neoprene Sleeve, Adjustable Wrap

Ankle Support Brace, Breathable Neoprene Sleeve, Adjustable Wrap

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Why do I need this neoprene ankle brace?

This neoprene ankle brace is designed to protect your foot from future injuries, relieve ankle pain and provide comfortable support for your ankle.

This soft ankle wrap can help treat and prevent ankle pain and ankle conditions containing:

  • Ankle Sprains and Strains
  • swollen ankle
  • Ankle instability
  • arthritis
  • tendonitis
  • Recovery after a fracture (ankle fracture)
  • Postoperative use

Does this ankle wrap help with foot drop?

Foot rests are designed to provide support for people who are unable to lift their feet due to paralysis of the front leg muscle groups.

While this ankle stabilizer may provide some support for foot drop, BraceAbility's Soft AFO for Foot Drop is best for this condition as it is specifically designed for foot drop treatment.

Why people love this ankle brace for swimming and other water sports

This innovative ankle brace offers a variety of functionality and comfort that make it stand out from other compression ankle braces on the market. Below we detail why it's one of our top sellers!

Wrap-around design is easy to apply and adjust

This hassle-free wraparound recovery ankle brace can be worn interchangeably on your right or left ankle.

The inner and outer shoulder straps are a breeze, making application and removal quick and easy. Also, the figure-8 shoulder straps are flexible and height-adjustable for optimal support for your ankles.

As an added bonus, it's made from medical-grade fasteners that provide up to 10 times the strength and durability of the closure compared to retail-grade fastener ankle braces, which you can find at your local drugstore.

Finally, an ankle support that fits your shoe

Low profile, lightweight, and only 3/16" thick, this low-profile black ankle strap isn't too flashy and flat enough to fit in your favorite shoe. However, it is still thick enough to provide adequate compression and support.

Also, if you find sports tape, solid ankle sleeves or ACE bandages sweaty and/or uncomfortable, this brace is definitely better for you. The relatively open design of this ankle wrap leaves your heel and forefoot open, making your foot less likely to overheat, while still giving your ankle the support it needs.

Suitable for a variety of athletes and sports

The extra support provided by this elastic ankle brace allows some athletes who have suffered sports-related injuries to continue their normal fitness routine rather than exercising on land or water.

Neoprene Ankle Brace Waterproof

Whether you are engaged in activities that are primarily in the water (think water polo, swimming, scuba diving), or spend time in and out of the water (surfing, wakeboarding, surfboarding, windsurfing, skiing, diving), or you can simply use the The convenience of a water-compatible ankle support (sailing, rowing, etc.), this swimming ankle support is a great option.

Reduce swelling and promote healing

Premium neoprene material provides compression and targeted insulation to improve circulation around the ankle, thereby reducing swelling and promoting blood flow to speed up your healing process.

What is the difference between a sprained ankle, a curled ankle, and a sprained ankle?

The terms "sprained ankle," "curled ankle," and "sprained ankle" can all basically be used to describe the same thing. The result is the same, but the way you get hurt may be different. With a "curled" ankle, you are more likely to injure the outside of the ankle. If you "twist" your ankle, the injured side of the ankle can vary, but the most common injury is the outside.

Click to learn more about the difference between a sprained ankle and a rolled ankle

Is this black ankle support waterproof?

Similar to wetsuits worn by scuba divers, this open ankle strap is unique because it is made of water-resistant premium 3/16" thick neoprene. Meaning, this ankle brace is able to resist water penetration to some extent, but not completely.

If you wear this ankle support while sweating a lot, showering or swimming, be sure to lay it flat to dry completely before using it for swimming, boating, sailing, wakeboarding, wakeboarding or surfing, for example .

Frequently Asked Questions about this Soft Ankle Brace

  • Who can wear it? With a heel circumference between 10 and 16 inches, this ankle brace can be worn by all kinds of women and men.
  • What diseases does this ankle splint treat? Helps manage pain from injuries such as sprained ankles, strained ankles, swollen ankles, weak arches, and unstable ankles, while also providing sports protection for land and water sports.
  • How do I put on this ankle brace? Undo all shoulder straps and find our logo. Place the wrap over the ankle with the logo above the Achilles tendon area at the back of the ankle with the heel sticking out of the opening. Attach and secure the bottom compression strap, then secure the top strap. Grab the figure-8 compression straps and cross straps on the front of the stand and secure to the desired compression level. Adjust as needed.
  • Can I wear this brace in my shoes? Yes, this sporty ankle brace should easily fit sandals, tennis shoes, ski boots, snow boots and more.
  • What material is this ankle brace made of? Latex free, 3/16" thick premium neoprene.
  • When should I wear it? This lightweight knee pad can be worn comfortably throughout the day while sitting, standing and during physical activity. However, you should consult your primary care physician before going to bed or wearing any compression braces for extended periods of time.
  • Washing Instructions: We recommend hand washing this ankle brace with mild soap, then laying flat to air dry completely for about 24 hours.
  • Colour: Black.
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