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Compression Socks For Women and Men Circulation(1 Pairs)-Best support for Running,Sports,Pregnancy

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How compression socks work

It improves your blood circulation

As you know, your heart is the main pump that keeps your blood circulating in your body. It pumps fresh oxygenated blood into your arteries, circulating all the way to the tips of your fingers and toes.

Due to the powerful action of the heart, blood reaches the extremities relatively easily, where muscles and cells utilize the oxygen and nutrients in the blood. But getting blood back to the heart is much harder—especially when it has to flow up your legs against gravity. The further the blood is from the heart, the less effective the pump will be.

This is why blood flows back to the heart through veins, which have a one-way valve that prevents blood from flowing back (kind of like a system of locked canals). Your muscles (especially your calf muscles) can also act as pumps when they contract during exercise, helping to pump blood back to your heart.

Have you ever noticed how your ankles swell if you sit for a long time, like on a bus or a plane? That's because a lack of exercise (muscle twitching) can cause your blood and fluids to build up in your ankles and feet.

Studies have shown that gradient compression stockings (tighter at the bottom and looser at the top) can increase your venous blood flow and stop blood from building up in your extremities. For athletes, this could mean they can recover faster because they can get rid of exercise-generated waste faster, their muscles get more oxygen, and their muscles swell less (exercise always Will cause some swelling due to microtrauma).

Improve lymphatic drainage

Compression garments can also improve lymphatic drainage. Your lymphatic vessels carry waste away from your cells and dump it back into your bloodstream so it can be excreted in your urine. If you can improve lymphatic drainage, you can often improve recovery and healing as well.

It protects your muscles

It has also been suggested that compression garments may help protect muscles during exercise by reducing the impact on them, which in turn helps reduce exercise-induced inflammation, swelling, and muscle damage.

The benefits of compression stockings

 If you haven't tried compression socks for yourself, ZSZBACE has five reasons to wear these knee socks for all your daily activities.

Swelling - Whether you're traveling, sitting at a desk or moving all day, these highly advanced compression socks prevent and reduce leg swelling. One reader said: "I wear compression stockings on any long flight. It makes a huge difference. My ankles don't swell from fluid retention and I don't have that tight feeling in my legs."

Energy - After a long day at the office or at home, your legs will feel lighter and more energetic thanks to the knitting technique. One reader said: "I use them on planes so my legs aren't as heavy. Also, after a long day of walking, I put on socks and my feet feel lighter, if that's the case ...they are needed as they age."

Style - Stop sacrificing fashion for health, ZSZBACE's collections come in stripes, polka dots, solid colors and diamond patterns.

Muscle Recovery - These compression socks can increase oxygen delivery, reduce lactic acid, prevent cramps and minimize muscle fatigue - especially after a strenuous workout.

Venous - The increased circulation of advanced gradient compression reduces and inhibits spider or varicose veins.

What you should know about these compression socks:

COPPER FIBER-Copper is a great conductor of electricity,It have extraordinary power,we extended its natural property to rejuvenate blood circulation through your legs through copper fibers capable reviving blood circulation along with providing a graduated compression.Our products feature a unique copper-infused,moisture-wicking fabric that stays warm in cold temperatures and cooler when the temperature rises.our graduated compression socks will make your day-to-day as comfortable as possible.
COMPRESSION THERAPY - The compression socks are so different from traditional compression socks, because we adopt the highest standard of producing professional sports socks, improving the air circulation and keeping your feet dry and comfortable all the time. Our compression socks enhance blood circulation, ensure faster restore, relieve varicose veins or swelling and ,ensuring optimal foot health.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION- Copper compression socks are breathable and made of durable excellent compression fabric. 85% Nylon, 10% Polyester, 5% Copper Fiber. Breathable fabric wicks moisture away from your skin to ensure you feel fresh and comfortable. The blended copper ion fabric is very soft, smooth and dry fit.The copper ions in the yarn can produce a natural protected area, reducing 99% of the sweat, keep fresh in the shoes. It helps the embarrassing feet.
PHYSICIAN DESIGNED HIGHEST QUALITY KNEE HIGH COMPRESSION SOCKS – Our compression socks are recommended by doctors and preferred by trainers. The reinforced/cushioned heel and toe support provide unmatched comfort. We carefully designed and manufactured our compression socks to provide premium support, comfort, and relief without compromising your mobility. Form fitting, lightweight, and breathable fabric features maintain joint stability regardless of activity.
GREAT INVESTMENT FOR YOUR FEET/LEGS - When we say we’re for “every walk of life,” we mean it! The compression socks are great gifts to runners, athletes, fitness workouts, hiking, tennis, cycling, office workers, airplane travelers, or anyone on their feet all day! Use compression socks for travel to promote healthy circulation and blood flow while seated during long drives or flights.