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Copper Compression Full Finger Arthritis Gloves. Copper Provides Added Protection. Best Copper Glove for Carpal Tunnel, Typing, Fit for Men & Women

Copper Compression Full Finger Arthritis Gloves. Copper Provides Added Protection. Best Copper Glove for Carpal Tunnel, Typing, Fit for Men & Women

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Copper compression gloves are called "wearable health". Such gloves are typically infused with copper fibers with high concentrations of copper ions, and are often available in full-length and fingerless options. Choosing between the two ensures that the wearer can find the perfect match for their needs and lifestyle. Copper compression gloves tend to be comfortable, lightweight and breathable, and can be worn at any time of the day and for many different everyday activities, such as gardening, cooking, crafting, typing, and even swiping on a smartphone or tablet.

Copper also fights odors, which is perfect if you need to wear copper compression gloves for extended periods of time. It also helps keep your hands dry compared to gloves without copper, as copper fibers generally help wick away any moisture. Wearing copper compression gloves can even boost collagen and elastin production for healthier, softer skin on your hands.

Copper compression gloves are used to provide constant pressure and warmth to the muscles and joints of the hand. This compression is said to reduce pain and improve hand mobility. Compression is also thought to increase copper's anti-inflammatory properties, helping to reduce joint stiffness, swelling, and muscle damage. Copper compression gloves are also thought to help promote blood circulation and oxygenation. As copper compression gloves can improve your symptoms, you may notice an increase in hand mobility and find that everyday tasks involving your hands become easier or less painful.

Benefits of Copper Compression Gloves

As mentioned above, copper compression gloves are said to relieve many different types of hand problems and pains such as arthritis, injuries, carpal tunnel, and more. Additionally, copper compression gloves combined with good hygiene can minimize the spread of bacteria and viruses. In this section, we discuss the science and research on these benefits of copper compression gloves.

Copper Compression Gloves and Arthritis

Arthritis affects nearly 54 million adults and has become the leading cause of disability in the United States, according to the Arthritis Foundation. This debilitating disease affects the joints and causes chronic swelling, stiffness, tenderness, and pain. The most common types of arthritis include osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Some copper compression glove companies have marketed their products to arthritis sufferers; however, copper is not always the best treatment for arthritis, as lawsuits and clinical studies have found. For example, in 2015, a popular copper compression glove and copper accessories company had to pay a $1.35 million fine to the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive advertising. Simply put, copper and copper compression gloves are not a panacea for arthritis. However, individual testimonials from some wearers of compressed copper compression gloves suggest that copper compression gloves may help with temporary stress relief throughout the day.

While there aren't many studies exploring the benefits of copper for arthritis, compression is medically proven to help with arthritic hands. A common mnemonic used when treating injury or inflammation is "RICE," which means rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Compression is the key to relieving hand arthritis. Applying pressure to painful joints through compression gloves stimulates oxygen delivery and promotes better blood flow in the body; this in turn helps relieve arthritis symptoms such as pain, aches and stiffness.

Because compression gloves lighten the load on your wrists, hands and fingers, they can be worn all day, making everyday tasks easier and less painful. While more research is needed to explore the link between copper and arthritis relief, the affordability of copper compression gloves means there's usually no harm in trying them.

Copper Compression Gloves and Other Common Hand Pain and Problems

In addition to arthritis, copper compression gloves are said to relieve several different common hand pains and problems. Whether you suffer from pain, swelling, stiffness, inflammation, or are recovering from an injury or muscle strain, you may find copper compression gloves a great treatment option.

One hand condition where using copper compression gloves may help is Raynaud's syndrome. Raynaud's disease is a disease of the blood vessels of the fingers and toes. When cold or stressed, the blood vessels in these areas narrow and restrict blood flow to the area. Copper Compression Gloves provide constant warmth to your hands, ensuring they don't get cold to constrict blood vessels. Compression also aids in continuous blood circulation and oxygenation. If you have this condition, wearing copper compression gloves can reduce flare-ups and protect you in winter.

Ehler-Danlos syndrome (EDS) is another condition that can be treated with copper compression gloves. EDS can cause excessive joint flexibility and skin elasticity. Due to the nature of the skin and joints, people with EDS suffer more injuries and joint dislocations. Copper Compression Gloves restabilize and provide support for the overly flexible joints of your hands and fingers.

Copper compression gloves can also be used to treat fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by widespread muscle pain and tenderness. If you have fibromyalgia in your hands, wearing copper compression gloves can stimulate blood flow to improve muscle soreness. The anti-inflammatory properties of copper can also reduce any swelling that occurs. It's especially beneficial to wear them at night so the pain doesn't interfere with your sleep.

Copper compression gloves may be helpful if you experience swelling or swelling in your hands from injuries such as burns, fractures, or surgery. Hand edema is swelling of the hands due to excess fluid trapped in body tissues. Copper compression gloves help reduce the inflammation and swelling associated with these conditions.

Finally, carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with copper compression gloves. Carpal tunnel is a fairly common condition that affects the ligaments, nerves and bones in the hand. Carpal tunnel can cause numbness, weakness, pain, and decreased mobility. By improving blood flow and increasing oxygen, copper compression gloves can help treat these symptoms and improve mobility and reduce stiffness.

Copper Compression Gloves and Microorganisms

As mentioned earlier, copper is an antiviral and antibacterial material. This enables copper to destroy a wide variety of viruses and bacteria quickly and efficiently.

When copper comes into contact with viruses or bacteria, a series of actions are initiated to inactivate or destroy harmful microorganisms. After coming into contact with copper, bacteria and viruses begin to absorb charged particles called copper ions. Copper ions are the key to the fretting effect. The microkinetic effect, first discovered by the scientific community more than 150 years ago, describes the process by which copper ions destroy the walls (membranes) of bacteria and viruses. Once the membrane damage reaches a certain threshold, the DNA and RNA of bacteria or viruses are also destroyed. The destruction of DNA and RNA ensures that the bacterium or virus cannot multiply or mutate, meaning it is essentially inactivated and no longer harmful.

How to Use Copper Compression Gloves

How you use copper compression gloves depends on the problem you're dealing with. Generally, you should wear gloves for at least 8 hours a day or while sleeping. However, if you find copper compression gloves relieve or reduce your symptoms, you can wear them throughout the day. Copper compression gloves can be used to treat a variety of symptoms, all of which are discussed above.

If you do not have any of the symptoms or conditions outlined in this article, copper compression gloves can still benefit your everyday life. For example, there are many hobbies and activities that require repetitive hand movements, such as needlepointing, knitting, crocheting, gardening, golfing, or working on an engine or machine. Wearing copper compression gloves during these activities can provide instant support and even reduce cramps or soreness.

Copper compression gloves can also be used in the gym and while exercising. Compression clothing can be worn during exercise and up to 48 hours after exercise. Wearing copper compression gloves can help relieve muscle soreness and joint pain, which can speed up recovery time. Copper compression gloves are also said to improve performance and reduce fatigue.

How to Care for Copper Compression Gloves

Copper compression gloves require slightly more care than regular gloves or garments, but are not too difficult to care for. To protect the copper content of the gloves, you may need to machine or hand wash in cold water and air dry. Also, you may want to use a less harsh detergent or soap when washing to avoid unwanted chemical reactions between the detergent and the copper.

Washing too often can also reduce copper levels, so be sure to wash only when necessary. Due to the antibacterial and odor-resistant properties of copper in gloves, any bacteria, viruses, or odors on gloves should usually be relieved automatically, although you should still wash them from time to time.

Copper Injection Compression Gloves

Rejuvenate your hands with comforting compression and therapeutic heat! Our full-finger gloves are specifically designed to increase circulation, soothe aggravated nerves and warm damaged joints. These incredible gloves are extremely effective in managing arthritis pain, but also highly recommended for those suffering from inflammation or previous injuries. Don't stay trapped in discomfort. Get back the to everyday tasks and activities you love with Compression Gloves.

All-Natural Pain Diffusion

- Reduce pain and swelling for faster healing.

- Regain peaceful nights and ache-free mornings.

- The perfect complement to any arthritis treatment.

- Targeted compression stays in place with Anti-Slip Grip.

The Copper Compression Difference

- Compression + stability support your body during all activities.

- 4-Way stretch construction enhances your movements while providing the flexibility to flow freely.

- Moisture wicking materials that dry fast, keeping you cool and comfortable.

- Copper-Infused fibers keep you stink-free with anti-odor technology.

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