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New adjustable sitting posture corrector back correction breathable clavicle belt invisible correction belt

New adjustable sitting posture corrector back correction breathable clavicle belt invisible correction belt

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Thanks to the increase in working from home, coupled with the fact that almost everyone has a mobile device to stare at, everyone seems to be focusing on posture these days. Cue my lament over the sedentary habits of the modern lifestyle. Not only do we sit too much and move too little, but many alternate between bending over a keyboard and looking down at a phone or tablet, every day.

result? Pervasive bad posture and growing concerns about what it means for public health. A leaning head posture (aka "tech neck"), rounded shoulders, and a loose, rounded spine all contribute to:

  • Body aches
  • Muscle weakness and imbalances that lead to dysfunctional movement patterns
  • breathing problems
  • Headaches and Migraine

Poor posture can also affect your mood and how you respond to stressful events. The field of embodied cognition studies how bodily states affect thoughts, emotions, and memory. Decadence or listlessness can drain your energy, skew you toward negativity, and even lower your self-esteem. 1 2 People also respond better to you when you stay upright.

As more people talk about the issue, so does interest in posture correction devices. The question at hand today is whether they work, and whether you want to try one for yourself.

Types of Posture Correctors

My focus today is on wearables designed to correct forward-leaning head posture, rounded shoulders, and listlessness/roundness in the mid- and lower back - you can buy these in any store. Pneumatic traction devices used to correct scoliosis and orthopedic devices prescribed by doctors are different subjects.

These devices come in several different varieties:

You have cross straps, which are harnesses that wrap around the front of your shoulders like a backpack strap and cross between your shoulder blades. They can be made of elastic tubes or stiffer fabrics. They are designed to retract the shoulders and draw them more in line with the spine, rather than bending forward.

Posture bras look like a typical bra or sports bra, but they have a crossover strap built into the fabric.

Longline pose braces look like cross-back braces at the top, but they extend all the way down the spine and attach to a lumbar girdle that wraps around your waist and supports your lower back.

You can also purchase a lumbar support belt separately, as well as a neck brace for correcting the forward head posture.

For tech lovers, the latest innovation is an electronic posture device that you can strap or attach to your back. The wearable vibrates when you're feeling lethargic, prompting you to adjust your posture. Some electronic devices connect to apps on your phone that allow you to track your posture and view your progress throughout the day.

Which one is best for you? it depends:

The problem you are trying to solve, where you feel uncomfortable

When and how you plan to wear it - on or under clothing, only when sitting at a desk or when exercising and spending the day

Comfortable fit

Price point - Posture correctors can range from about $10 for a simple cross-back brace to ten times or more for a more complex setup

Do posture correctors work?

First let's talk about how they are supposed to work. The rigid brace keeps your back properly aligned. But for the most part, the posture corrector so popular on social media provides lightweight mechanical support and, more importantly, a physical reminder to straighten you up. Mechanical support helps pull your shoulders to a more ideal retracted position. This body reminder or proprioceptive feedback helps you build better habitual body postures yourself.

By the way, proprioceptive feedback may also be one of the reasons why kinesiology tape (KT tape) works. It brings awareness to parts of the body that may be weak or vulnerable and alerts the nervous system to provide proper internal support. KT tape can also be used to build better posture. 3

As for whether posture correctors do what they're supposed to do, a handful of studies confirm that posture correctors lead to better alignment of the head, neck, shoulders, and back. So in that sense, yes, they work. At least, those that have been tested work. The data here is very limited.

Furthermore, there is little evidence that they provide the downstream effects we ultimately want—less pain, better mobility, and so on. One study of 32 women with neck pain did find that wearing a compression shirt with built-in support for three months resulted in better posture and less pain. Other than that, there's not much to do.

What you should know about this zszbace back support:

No more bad posture and back pain: Designed by the concepts of ergonomics and mechanics, the Zszbace posture corrector effectively improve posture by aligning your muscles to the correct positions. Meanwhile, it takes pressure off of key areas - which helps alleviate chronic back, neck , shoulder and clavicle pain. All the straps of our posture brace are reinforced with solid pads, providing all-day support for your back.

Adjustable and easy to put on: The tightness of our back support brace can be adjusted by the velcro straps - which is fit for most body shape. It is super easy to put on / off just like putting on / off a backpack.

Exquisite fabrics for ultra comfort: Compared to other bulky and stiff back straightener, our adjustable back straightener is made of exquisite fabrics including ployurethane and velvet, super comfortable and breathable for everyday use without rubbing, digging into armpits, irritating or hurting your skin. Our The posture corrector aims to comfortably give you support throughout the day.

Invisible under clothes: The adjustable design ensures that you can wear our back brace under your shirt or blouse, no need to be concerned about being noticed when wearing it at work or out for other activities. After wearing the posture corrector for a period of time , you'll even forget you're wearing it.

Long-term corrective benefits: Please wear the back posture corrector for 20-30 minutes a day and gradually increase to 1-2 hours daily. You will feel a little constrained when first wearing it. By the time you are completely comfortable with the brace , it develops the muscle memory to keep your back straight, and you will notice you stand taller, look healthier and feel absolutely better.

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