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New Upgraded Night Splint for Plantar Fasciitis, Breathable and Adjustable Sleep Support Foot Drop Orthotic Brace for Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Foot Pain, Achilles Tendonitis Support for Women, Men

New Upgraded Night Splint for Plantar Fasciitis, Breathable and Adjustable Sleep Support Foot Drop Orthotic Brace for Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Foot Pain, Achilles Tendonitis Support for Women, Men

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Premium Ankle Support Brace for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

Excessive pressure on the heel bone during the day due to running or jogging on a hard surface, standing all day, wearing ill-fitting shoes, obesity or being overweight can cause microtears to form in the connective tissue of the foot. Then, as you sleep, point your toes unknowingly, and these tissues begin to heal in the shortened position. So when you take your first steps in the morning, you stretch and re-tear these tissues, causing a tingling in your heel.

Why braces help with plantar fasciitis and heel spurs

Treatment for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs varies from person to person and varies in severity, but healing plantar fasciitis is usually relatively simple. Rest, ice, and support can help speed up the healing process.

This premium, adjustable night dorsal splint keeps feet upright throughout the night and provides gentle, consistent dorsiflexion stretches to the plantar fascia, Achilles tendon and calf muscles to naturally relieve and help prevent pain caused by Plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis and foot fall.

We offer a plantar fasciitis day brace and a heel spur cup for day support.

Daytime Plantar Fasciitis Brace vs. Nighttime Premium Dorsal Night Splint

Heel Spur vs Plantar Fasciitis: What's the Difference?

Heel spurs are calcium deposits that cause bone growth below the heel bone. They are often associated with plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammation of the connective tissue (plantar fascia) that runs along the bottom of the foot, connecting the heel bone to the ball of the foot. Heel spurs are usually caused by stretching of the plantar fascia and repeated tears in the membrane covering the heel bone.

Generally, the cause of pain is not the heel spur itself, but the soft tissue (plantar fascia) injury associated with it. Many people describe the pain of heel spurs and plantar fasciitis as stabbing the bottom of their foot with a knife the first time they stand up in the morning. Often, this pain later becomes dull and reappears after standing up after prolonged sitting.

5 Benefits of This Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Spur Bracket

This versatile plantar fasciitis night splint has many different features, making it a customer favorite and a premium choice compared to our standard dorsal night splint, including:

Ankle Foot Orthosis

What really makes this sleeping foot stand a premium choice is its adjustable dorsiflexion straps. Simply pull the straps tighter for more stretch, or loosen for less support throughout the night.

Lightweight, low profile fit

This bedtime support stand can be worn overnight, allowing you to sleep comfortably on your side, back or stomach. Plus, it's lighter than most heel spur and plantar fasciitis splints on the market for better sleep quality. It is suitable for both adult men and women and fits your left or right foot with or without socks.

Back design

This night splint covers the top (dorsal) of your foot, opening your toes and heels, making them more comfortable than standard plantar fasciitis boots. However, you'll be comparing it to sleeping with nothing on, so it won't be completely comfortable at first. Please give yourself a few nights to get used to wearing it.

Soft fill

Thanks to its soft padded cushioning, you can easily relax in this stand. Plus, the material is super light and breathable, making this night splint far more comfortable for many people than sleeping in rigid AFO or heel spur boots.


This removable back splint is easy to put on the bed or while sitting, making your nighttime activities quick and easy. Just slide it over your foot and secure the stand with the fully adjustable wraparound straps. Each fastener is medical grade and 10 times stronger than standard retail grade fasteners for a secure fit while you sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions about Night Splints for Heel Pain Relief

  • What diseases/injuries can this dorsiflexion ankle brace treat? This night foot brace is the perfect support for many different ailments, including heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, saggy feet and Achilles tendonitis.
  • How does it work? This splint for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs helps reduce the painful tightness you experience after waking up and taking your first steps. It holds your feet at a 90-degree angle while you sleep, stretching your fascia, Achilles tendon and calf muscles.
  • When should I wear it? This plantar fasciitis brace should only be worn while sleeping or kicking on the couch. It is not suitable to be worn while walking. Remove this stand if you plan on taking extra steps around the house.
  • what does it do? This latex-free night splint is made from a rigid ABS plastic shell, soft foam-like padding, polyester/nylon hybrid shoulder straps, and a medical-grade closure.
  • Who can wear this brace? Men and women of all ages can benefit from the stretch provided by this night dorsal splint.
  • What should I wear? To use this stand, untie all straps. Then, while sitting on the edge of a chair or bed, slide your foot over the splint. The shell curve should match the ankle curve. Tighten and connect the toe and heel straps. Pass the calf strap through the incision. Wrap and fasten securely. Gently pull the dorsiflexion strap to the desired tension and secure. Readjust the straps as needed for comfort.
  • Washing Instructions: Remove blue lining from shell. Hand wash the blue liner in warm water with a mild detergent. Wipe the case with a damp cloth. Allow the splint to air dry completely before reapplying. Do not use high heat for washing or drying.
  • Color: Black with blue, padded lining.
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