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Outdoor Camping Hard Shell Car Rooftop Tent Aluminum Alloy Triangular Car Roof Tent Self Driving Travel Car Roof Tent

Outdoor Camping Hard Shell Car Rooftop Tent Aluminum Alloy Triangular Car Roof Tent Self Driving Travel Car Roof Tent

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Hard Shell Car Roof Tent Focuses On Outdoor Quality Equipment, Enjoying Life Anytime, Anywhere.

1、Advantages of Car Hardtop Tents

The hard shell car rooftop tent shell is coated with adhesive to enhance waterproof and rainproof effects, extending its service life by 20 years. The upper and lower shells are made of all aluminum alloy honeycomb panels, which are more sturdy and enhance the sound insulation effect. Simultaneously paired with 2 hydraulic rods, quick opening and easier retraction. The 19.5cm ultra-thin streamlined design ensures that the height of the vehicle will not increase after the tent is fully retracted, ensuring that the vehicle does not exceed the height limit specified by regulations for garage, bridge, and road height.

2、Hard Shell Rooftop Tent Product Parameters


Triangle Car Roof Tent

Tent structure

Hydraulic rod automatic quick opening

Shell color


Canvas fabric

280g grid cloth

Canvas color

Dark grey

Applicable number of people

2 people

Suitable for the season

Spring, summer, autumn and winter

Net weight


Shell material

Aluminum alloy honeycomb panel

Mating materials

50mm high elasticity 3D sponge pad

Waterproof index

Waterproof 3000mm

Unfold size


Closing dimensions



3、Hard Shell Rooftop Tent Product Details

(1)The hard shell car rooftop tent adopts all aluminum alloy honeycomb panels with upper and lower shells, which is sturdy and increases sound insulation effect.

(2)The hard shell rooftop tent is equipped with 2 hydraulic rods and a locking buckle. With a gentle push, it automatically opens. Car roof tents open quickly and shrink easily.

(3)The fabric of the hard shell rooftop tent is 280g waterproof polyester cotton, which is rain and snow resistant and can reduce direct ultraviolet radiation. The sewing area is equipped with waterproof strips, with a waterproof index of 3000mm.

4、Hard Shell Rooftop Tent Product Details

(1)The hard shell rooftop tent adopts a one door and two windows design, which increases convection, breathability, and alleviates boredom. It is paired with mosquito proof mesh to promote air circulation inside the tent while also preventing mosquitoes and insects.

(2)The A-shaped diagonal design of the hard shell rooftop tent enhances wind resistance stability; Expanding the slide grooves on the upper and lower shells, making it convenient for players to modify, decorate, and upgrade in the later stage; The top cover is equipped with insulation and sound insulation cotton, providing warmth, moisture absorption, and sound insulation. 50mm thick elastic mattress with detachable cover for easy cleaning.




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