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Posture Corrector for Women and Men, ZSZBACE Straight Back Posture, Adjustable Comfy Back Straightener for Neck, Back Shoulders Pain Relief, Improves Shape Posture

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【Pain relief】ZSZBACE posture corrector is designed to relieve chest hunchback, neck, and back pain caused by looking down at mobile phone and computer and long-term work. This back brace is especially suitable for people with hunchback, people with bowed heads, long-term sitting students and office workers. It provides the best back support for you to relieve pain and fatigue.
【Imporve your posture anytime and anywhere】It has two auxiliary support plates, which will help you to open your shoulders, make your bones healthier, breathing more smoothly, and help you to develop good habits of sitting, standing, and walking. You can use it when you are lying at home, in the office, or in your leisure time. Prevent and reduce scoliosis and back pain as well as correct slouching hunchback and spinal curvature for better postures.
【Comfortable, adjustable and easy to use】It is made of breathable, durable and washable polyester fiber to provide you with a comfortable wearing experience. Our braces support belt has waist Velcro belt, you can use it to adjust the tightness of waist and trunk. You can be worn as clothing.
【Keep straight can get more confident anytime】We design back brace posture corrector for men, women, and kids, help them to have good posture and get more confident. It's suitable for many occasions, such as office, school, home, leisure, driving, walking, exercise and ect. It is a good partner in your life.