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Pregnancy Belly Support Band, Maternity Belt, Abdominal Binder, Breathable, Black, Elastic Waist, Prenatal Back Brace, Pelvic Pain Relief Wrap, Tummy Bump Sling

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  • CREATE THE PERFECT FIT: With the adjustability option of our maternity belt, you can create the most comfortable situation for yourself and your little one. The padded black band can be easily altered so that it wraps underneath your stomach in a fashion that is cozy for both you and your precious gift.
  • ONLY THE BEST: Our maternity belt includes a back support band that is made of an elastic fabric that ensures only the utmost breathability. No need to worry about running into the discomfort of a fabric that doesn’t allow air to seep in and cool you off.
  • THE SUPPORT YOU NEED: By using our maternity belt and back band, your back will receive much needed support through the redistribution of pressure. This belt will also decrease the weight and strain of pregnancy, so you can feel lighter on your feet as you go about your day.
  • IMPECCABLE POSTURE: Certain muscles function differently during pregnancy, leaving your back out of alignment. With our maternity belt, you can improve your posture as you go through the incredible journey of pregnancy.
  • COZY COMFORT: We know that ease and relief are extremely important during those nine months where you are carrying a new life inside of you. That’s why we designed our maternity belt to provide the most comfort possible for you as begin to take on your motherly role.