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Weight Lifting Belt - High Performance Neoprene Back Support - Light Weight & Heavy Duty Core Support for Weightlifting and Fitness

Weight Lifting Belt - High Performance Neoprene Back Support - Light Weight & Heavy Duty Core Support for Weightlifting and Fitness

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Most people think that a weight belt is like a brace that supports your torso so your core muscles don't have to, which is a misnomer. Slings can actually help you increase the use of your abs and lower back muscles. Studies have shown that wearing a belt while lifting weights has little or no effect on erector spinae use, or actually increases use by up to 25%. Research on weightlifting belts has also shown a marked increase in muscle activity in the rectus abdominis.

The data suggest that wearing a belt may increase core development, rather than hinder it. When you squat or deadlift a few hundred pounds, I highly recommend you try whatever you can to increase the stability of the spine and reduce the compression on it. Here are three key reasons why you should consider wearing your seat belt before lifting weights.

1. Seat belts stabilize and reduce spinal pressure
Several studies have confirmed that wearing a belt during weightlifting increases intra-abdominal pressure by as much as 40%, while one study reported a 50% reduction in disc compression. Increasing intra-abdominal pressure is similar to inflating a balloon in the abdominal cavity. The pressure in the abdominal cavity pushes the spine from the inside to support it, while the core muscles of the abdominal wall and lower back push the spine from the outside. This internal and external pressure acts to stabilize the spine and reduce the stress experienced when lifting weights. This is how a lifting belt can help prevent back injuries during lifting. This is not due to the belt that provides support, but the way the body responds to the belt that provides support for the spine.

2. Belts create better body biomechanics
Research has shown that wearing a weight belt reduces the amount of spinal flexion (bending the spine forward), spinal extension (bending the spine back), and lateral spinal flexion (bending from side to side), but increases flexion of the hips and knees when lifting boxes quantity. In other words, the belt forces you to lift more with your legs than your back, which is exactly the biomechanical position you want to use when lifting things off the ground. These are also the biomechanics you want to use in deadlifts and barbell squats.

3. Belt for better performance
Does Wearing a Belt Really Increase Your Strength, Power, or Muscle Gains? Yes! According to some studies, wearing a belt will help increase all of the above, at least for lower body exercises like squats.

Advantages of this weightlifting belt:

Protect your back with our high performance weightlifting belt. Our weight belt has been designed with one purpose in mind: extreme performance for Crossfit athletes! Our back belt offers great support and top stability to the lower back and abdominal.

Our weight lifting belt features the best fastening roller buckle system you will find on the market. It works just like a ratchet fastener. It is the most simple and effective way to secure a weightlifting belt, super reliable to use and will never fail under heavy lifting pressure. Our Auto-Lock design will allow you to secure your waist, boost your confidence and improve performance!

Our top-quality neoprene build makes the belt very comfortable to wear and ultra-breathable. Our fitness belt is designed to support your back while providing you the mobility to perform multiple exercises and breathability you need during any intense workout session.

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