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Graduated Medical Compression Socks for Women and Men - Best for Circulation, Medical, Running, Athletic, Nurse, Travel

Graduated Medical Compression Socks for Women and Men - Best for Circulation, Medical, Running, Athletic, Nurse, Travel

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Explore the key benefits of copper socks: bactericidal properties

The benefits of copper's bactericidal properties include antimicrobial action against microorganisms, reduced sweat and odor build-up, and improved skin regeneration. Let us introduce them one by one.

Copper socks inhibit the growth of microorganisms

Copper has been scientifically proven to inactivate a variety of harmful pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Even the most heat-resistant bugs can be destroyed after contact with copper.

Through contact killing, copper ions target and damage the DNA of microorganisms, resulting in rapid cell death. Additionally, studies have shown that copper surfaces remain active even when soiled. In theory, copper socks are inherently self-sanitizing, so you can wash less often, but we don't recommend letting dirty socks rot on your bedroom floor.

Copper socks prevent odor and sweat buildup

Strong foot odor is a common (albeit embarrassing) phenomenon after a long day of activity. The natural bacteria on our feet break down our sweat into several acidic components, which can create unpleasant odors. Combined with the humidity and heat inside our shoes, our feet are the perfect breeding ground for (smelly) bacteria.

Many copper socks also use modern moisture-wicking fabrics that draw moisture away from the body. Thanks to this moisture management feature, copper socks keep your feet cool and dry throughout the day.

These features are especially useful for those who work in physically demanding jobs, or simply enjoy working out, as copper socks can help improve occupational hygiene and effortlessly prevent sweat and foot odor.

Copper socks protect and regenerate the skin

Copper is responsible for producing and stabilizing the components that keep our skin soft and healthy, such as elastic fibers and collagen fibers. Over the past decade, research on the use of copper to improve skin health has begun to emerge. Researchers continue clinical trials using copper-impregnated pillowcases, wound dressings and socks to treat athlete's foot, improve skin elasticity, and reduce fine lines and skin wrinkles.

Copper socks have been shown to treat skin conditions associated with athlete's foot, such as scaling, cracking, blisters, itching, and burning. In clinical trials of copper socks, researchers also found that it improved the elasticity of the skin on the feet.

Compression therapy

While copper compression stockings have the germicidal properties of copper we discussed above, they also have the added benefit of providing compression therapy. This can benefit those who experience soreness, swollen muscles, or the familiar tingling in the feet.

Compression therapy is the use of external pressure to achieve therapeutic effects on the human body. It is the standard treatment for patients with chronic venous disease and deep vein thrombosis. However, the public can also use compression therapy as a preventive measure for a variety of minor health problems.

Copper Compression Socks May Improve Muscle Soreness

After moderate to vigorous exercise, a person may experience pain and soreness in the muscles used during vigorous physical activity. Research shows that these symptoms can be relieved by wearing compression stockings between rounds of muscle activity. The mild pressure that compression stockings put on the lower extremities improves blood circulation and therefore prevents delayed onset muscle soreness.

Copper compression stockings can reduce muscle swelling

People with chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis consuming a diet rich in copper, such as shellfish, liver, grains and potatoes, can lead to a surge in the body's anti-inflammatory response. Therefore, researchers believe that copper may have anti-inflammatory properties when in contact with the skin.

Since compression therapy is also used to treat patients with chronic lymphatic disease, the mild pressure that compression stockings put on the body's blood vessels and capillaries can also have an anti-inflammatory effect, as it improves the drainage of lymph fluid in the muscles.

Copper Compression Socks Improve Circulation

Standing for long periods of time during old age, pregnancy and work can lead to impaired circulation in the lower extremities. Pools of blood in the veins and capillaries around the lower legs and feet, causing mild cramping, pain, and sometimes swelling. Copper compression stockings can help relieve these symptoms by improving blood flow in the legs and feet.

The pressure applied by copper compression socks typically ranges from a moderate compression of 10 to 20 mmHg to a firm compression of 20 to 30 mmHg. The pressure is applied in a graded fashion, with higher pressure near the ankle and lower pressure in the area near the calf. This pressure gradient allows for increased blood flow back to the heart while also preventing any cut-off of blood circulation.

Copper compression stockings can help treat varicose veins

Varicose veins are mainly swelling of the veins in the lower legs and feet caused by a malfunction of the valves in the vascular system near the legs. Blood circulation is blocked, causing clots to form and fluids to build up. People with varicose veins may experience leg pain, cramps, swollen ankles, and large, bulging blue veins, also known as "spider veins."

The pressure from the copper compression stockings accelerates blood flow in the calf area, helping blood travel deeper into the blood vessels and may help prevent blood clots from forming.

Who can use copper compression socks?

Anyone who wants to experience the benefits of copper compression socks can wear them. However, certain groups benefit more than most.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts

As research has shown, athletes and fitness enthusiasts can benefit the most from using copper compression socks. In fact, they are the usual target markets for these products. Because of their frequent strenuous physical activity, their feet and leg muscles are almost always sweaty and tense. While the effects may be small to moderate, delayed-onset muscle soreness relief, improved circulation, and rapid muscle recovery are some of the science-backed benefits of wearing copper compression stockings.

Due to copper's antibacterial properties, the added odor resistance of socks is also a huge advantage, especially for athletes with smelly feet after games and sports.

People with diabetes complications

People with diabetes suffer from a variety of complications, including foot problems. They can range from common problems, such as calluses and changes in the skin of the feet, to more serious conditions, such as nerve damage and foot ulcers.

People with diabetes are also prone to ulcers and foot infections due to slower wound healing. Therefore, foot care is extremely important for people with diabetes, as neglecting their feet can lead to nerve damage and, if not careful, amputation.

Some of the symptoms of foot complications that can be relieved by wearing copper compression stockings include dry, peeling and cracked skin on the feet, and poor circulation due to narrowing and hardening of blood vessels. For patients who have had surgery for foot ulcers, the antimicrobial properties of copper stockings can help prevent infection. The known skin regeneration ability in copper stockings aids in the healing of scar tissue and wounds, thereby reducing the likelihood of ulcer recurrence.

Pregnant woman

Women naturally gain weight during pregnancy. They suffer from back pain and muscle fatigue from carrying too much weight, but their feet and knees are most affected. Pregnant women take different positions, which can increase the pressure on the feet and knees due to the change in the center of gravity.

The most common foot problems in pregnant women are flattening, swelling, and varicose veins in the arches. All of these symptoms can cause lower extremity pain. Flattening of the arch, also known as hyperpronation, can cause pain in the heel, arch, and ball of the foot. Swelling and varicose veins often lead to leg cramps and increased pressure on the muscles of the feet.

As mentioned above, copper compression stockings can address problems caused by varicose veins and reduce swelling. Also, foot care during pregnancy can be difficult, so using copper socks to keep your feet clean and protected is a welcome convenience.

People recovering from foot injuries

Foot care is paramount for people recovering from foot injuries. As a result of neglect, the situation can get worse and secondary complications can develop.

Implementing preventive measures, such as wearing copper compression socks to keep injured feet dry and sterile, is a small investment that will help avoid future foot-related problems.


Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, it's unavoidable that carrying luggage, walking, long queues and prolonged sitting place stress on our feet. During your travels, copper compression socks can be your best friend—relieving muscle fatigue and improving blood circulation in your legs.

Another risk associated with air travel is swelling of the legs and feet due to inactivity. Although usually harmless, some people, such as those who have recently had surgery or take birth control pills, are at increased risk of developing more serious complications, such as excessive swelling and blood clots in the legs, called deep vein thrombosis. Wearing copper compression stockings during a plane flight can help reduce these risks by accelerating blood flow to the legs, despite inactivity.

Finally, the self-sanitizing properties of copper compression socks can help reduce unpleasant odors in luggage.

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