9 Tips to Improve Posture

9 Tips to Improve Posture

Now more and more people realize the importance of posture, of course, posture corrector is a good choice for many people; You can improve your posture even better if you can pay attention to these 9 tips for improving your posture.


don't be lazy

It increases the pressure on the spine. This puts pressure on bones, muscles, and joints, and you need to hold your spine in place. But poor posture isn't just bad for your back. A constant downturn smashes your internal organs together, making it harder for your lungs and intestines to work. Over time, this can make it difficult for you to digest food or get enough air when you breathe.

clean up

A good way to prevent postural problems? Stand tall. You'll feel better and look better -- even slimmer. Pretend you are standing against a wall to measure your height. Keep your head straight and tighten your chin. Your ears should be in the middle of your shoulders. Stand with shoulders back, knees straight, and abs tucked in. Don't let your hips or hips stick out. Stand up straight so you can feel your head reaching up to the sky.

Don't fall down at your desk

It's comfortable to lie lounging - even lean back and rotate a bit. But this is an impossible gesture. Try this: Sit in a chair all the time. Place a small rolled towel or lumbar pad behind your mid-back to protect the natural curve of your spine. Bend your knees at right angles and keep them at the same height or slightly higher than your hips. Put your feet flat on the floor.

Beware of "text necks" on your smartphone all day? Take a minute to stretch your neck. It really does strain your spine when you look down at the message. Over the course of a day (or a year), this can add up. For a better view, lift your phone and move your eyes, not your head.

Don't be a low rider

Of course, reclining is cool and comfortable on long drives. But it's not great for your posture. Instead, consider sitting more upright. Try not to lock your legs. Bend your knees slightly. They should be at hip level or slightly higher. Don't forget to put a pillow or rolled up towel behind you for support.

Wear high heels for a good night

They may be a fashion, yes, but they are likely a pose. Pumps and stilettos push the bottom of your spine forward, arching your back. This can change the way your spine lines up and put pressure on the nerves, which can lead to back pain. Sky-high shoes can also add weight to your knees. Choose a lower block heel for everyday wear.

Throwing hay the right way

A nap is no excuse for slack. Skip soft, loose mattresses. Choose one that will help maintain the natural shape of the spine. Side sleeper? Bend your knees slightly, but don't hug them. Place the pillow under your head so that it is level with your spine. People with backrests should ditch thick pillows and opt for smaller pillows under the neck.

Exercise and tone your abs

Too many pounds in the abdomen can increase the pressure on the back. You need strong muscles to support your spine. A well-designed exercise program will keep your body and spine in top shape. This is important. Try non-impact exercises like Tai Chi.

Check for problems

You probably know if you're lazy. If you're not sure, here's a quick way to tell you. Lean the back of your head against the wall. Move your foot 6 inches from the baseboard. Your tush should touch the wall. Your lower back and neck should be about 2 inches away from it. If not, talk to your doctor about ways to improve your posture.

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