Are knee braces good for arthritis?

Are knee braces good for arthritis?

There are two main functions of knee pads: one is to maintain joint stability and auxiliary support, and the other is to keep warm.

Maintaining the stability of the knee joint and preventing knee joint injury are the most primitive needs that promote the production of knee braces. For patients with knee surgery or injuries, in order to avoid secondary injury to the knee joint, the doctor will recommend wearing a professional medical knee brace to limit the abnormal movement of the knee joint.

There are also some people, such as athletes, porters, mountaineering enthusiasts, etc., during their activities, once the joints themselves and the surrounding muscles and ligaments are fatigued or relaxed, they are easily injured. These people also need sports knee pads.

For the elderly with knee osteoarthritis, the most important role of wearing knee pads is to keep warm.

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Knee joint: skinny is most afraid of cold

Many people have this experience: when sitting and reading a book or watching TV, they don't feel cold at first, but gradually they feel cold in their knees, and they need to rub their hands from time to time to warm them up.

This is because the knee joint is a "skinny" structure. When you touch it with your hands, you can feel that there are bones under the skin. It can be seen that it is not protected by a thick layer of fat or muscle, which also means that it is particularly afraid. cold.

Cold is an irritant to the joints, and it can also cause aseptic inflammation of the joints, which can damage joint health.

Knee pads, like gloves, are necessary in cold weather

In the minds of many people, knee pads are items that athletes only need, and they are far from the lives of ordinary people!

But in fact, in the eyes of orthopedic surgeons, knee pads should be the same as scarves and gloves when the weather is cold.

When the weather is cold, it is a good choice to wear warm knee pads such as wool and cashmere to surround the knees. Wearing such knee pads is equivalent to wearing an extra piece of clothing for the knees.

When the joints are kept warm, the blood circulation is smooth, which has a certain effect on reducing joint pain and preventing the occurrence and development of arthritis.

Pay attention to material selection knee pads

When choosing warm knee pads, you need to pay more attention to the material. Generally speaking, pure cotton knee pads are highly breathable and hygroscopic, but they are easy to wrinkle and deform after washing and wearing, and their warmth retention is average.

Wool, rabbit hair, camel hair, etc. have good heat retention, but the air permeability is deviated. Animal leather is more breathable and warm, but it is afraid of water.

The artificial leather surface is not afraid of moisture, but it is warm and breathable.

Blended fibers have the advantages of firmness and stiffness, but the breathability and warmth retention are not satisfactory.


1 At present, there are also some knee pads on the market that claim to have magnetic therapy effects and have far-infrared rays that can automatically heat up. The main function of these knee pads is to keep warm, and there are not many therapeutic effects claimed by businesses.

2 Professional medical knee pads and outdoor sports knee pads are relatively tight on the knees, and are only suitable for wearing during exercise, and should be taken off in time when resting, so as not to affect the blood circulation of the knees and legs.

3 When wearing the knee pads, once there is obvious pain in the legs, the knee pads should be removed in time to check the condition of the legs.

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