Are pregnancy support belts safe for baby?

Are pregnancy support belts safe for baby?

A pregnancy belt is a rigid elastic panel that will wrap around your abdomen, specifically under the baby bump. The most design of the belt is having a one-piece adjustable panel. Some of the belts also have wide supporting panel at the back to support the lower back part of the body.

Pregnancy belt is used during the second or third trimester of pregnancy. It is rigid and wrap around the belly section to lower the back pain, give support to pelvis, hips and abdominal area during pregnancy. Usually, this kind of belts can be used on the top of cloths, but can also be worn under the cloths.

During pregnancy, back pain is a very common symptom of all women. The ratio is around more than 65% of women face lower back pain while expecting baby. Other symptoms are like pelvic girdle pain due to stiffness of the pelvic joints, sometimes joints move unevenly at the back/front of the pelvic floor – are common amongst one in five pregnant women. Wearing pregnancy belt, or maternity belts/ belly belts are designed in such comfortable way which support the abdomen as well as reduce the feeling of lower back during pregnancy. Be rest assure that belts will not harm the fetal in womb.

Please find the benefits of wearing pregnancy belt –

  • Decrease the lower back pain – Wearing a belly belt shall decrease the lower back pain during pregnancy. The sacroiliac or SI joint pain occurs very frequently during pregnancy. Helps to support round ligament pain. This happens during second trimester. This pain starts off on the front of hip and below the belly. Such pain caused by growing of uterus. So, belts help to distribute the increasing weight of the uterus.
  • Belts provide a gentle compression – If you are working women, and also working during your pregnancy, it is suggested to wear pregnancy belt. Because, this will give you comfort by gently compressing your growing uterus and baby bump, especially during your physical movements. But, mind it, on should not wear it tightly so that unnecessary pain occurs.
  • Provide external support to body postures – During pregnancy, a woman’s body posture generally gets changed, due to growing uterus, baby womb. Using of belts, will help to maintain the lower back and torso position properly.
  • Daily activities become much comfortable – Wearing abdominal belt during pregnancy, shall give comfort to your daily activities. Like brisk walking, breathing or any free hand physical exercises etc., becomes much comfortable while wearing belly supportive belts.
  • Decrease the risk of fall – As long as a woman is wearing pregnancy belt, it stabilizes the pelvis area and improve body balance. Thus, less risk of fall. 
  • Balance bladder pressure – Abdominal belts helps to lift up the baby bump and thus balance the baby weight. This way it helps to relieve the bladder pressure.

Maternity belts are specifically designed for pregnant women only. Such belt is absolutely safe to wear during pregnancy and do not harm your baby. But the disadvantage is that belt is not suggested to wear for long periods of time. Wearing pregnancy belt for twenty-four hours will affect the normal blood flow to the abdomen, may occur pain and heartburn. Wearing more than two to three hours at a stretch can effect pelvic floor, bowel function may get interrupted. For better suggestion consult with midwife or respective doctor, they are the best person to let any pregnant woman know the proper use of maternity belt.

The pregnancy belt is easily available on online, in any orthopedic or medicine shops. There are lots of pregnancy related apps available online, which provide good advices on pregnancy related issues, do’s and don’ts during pregnancy, even talk about what kinds of cloths, tummy belts to wear while serving maternity. These apps will notify the pregnant lady about the daily growth of the fetal/baby in the. What kind of work out to do during pregnancy, food habits/diet to maintain all these are described in apps. To be precise, installing such apps will help a pregnant woman to know about pregnancy more than anything else. Will motivate the mind of a pregnant woman. A woman can stay positive while gathering info from such apps.

Finally, maternity belts can be quite expensive compared with tummy tucker belt or usual abdominal bands. There are different belts, which can be worn after delivery. Wearing belts after delivery shall help to push the stomach, uterus or other organs inside, in their individual position, reduce lower back pain, tighten the muscles postpartum.

Conclusion: If you wish to wear pregnancy belt, must consult your doctor. Know the pros and cons, as during pregnancy you just cannot do anything random, which may cause anything wrong for you or the fetal.

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