Can a postpartum belt help lose weight and slim the belly?

Can a postpartum belt help lose weight and slim the belly?

Can a postpartum belt help lose weight and slim the belly?

Clinical findings many mothers are hoping to use the belt to achieve the goal of weight loss, as soon as possible to restore prenatal girth.

Actually when using postpartum belt, because will lumbar abdomen the drop flesh upward pull to tie again, so whole body curve looks quite slender, however if think only will small abdomen to tie up, can achieve the effect that reduce weight, that can be wrong!

For example: a balloon that is stretched and enlarged loses its elasticity, and so does the recovery of the abdomen. The abdomen has many rectus abdominis, if the rectus is ber, relative to the abdomen will be tight, flat, and to restore the rectus abdominis flexibility, only by exercise. It is not easy for postpartum mothers to be thin and small. It takes a while for pelvic organs, ligaments and fascia to return to their original positions and elastic tension. Can burn adipose by motion, aggrandizement muscle, add breast milk to feed, balanced diet, add darling every day for you absorb fat, restore lumbar body to be able to wait to achieve the goal that reduce weight, still ask mummy to maintain patience.

The length of time that bunches abdominal postpartum belt USES and reduce weight is not inevitable relevant, the idea that mammy must not have to reduce weight by abdominal belt. The best time to recover is within three months of giving birth. If mom is able to gradually regain her lean body during this period, she’s doing well.

Which moms should consider using a postpartum belt after c-section?

The abdomen is very loose, the ptosis is more serious, use abdominal band can have supportive effect, also can make new mother feels comfortable, eliminate postpartum abdomen is empty and hang to bilge feeling. This is more common in fetuses that are too large, multiple births or mothers with multiple births.

The belly band supports the various ligaments that connect the pelvis and spine in the event of flaccid pain.

The mother who performed cesarean section can play a better protective role in wound healing with medical abdominal tape.

The mother should pay attention, if already using the abdominal band, pay attention to their own situation, such as the corresponding symptoms disappear, should not be used again.

when can i start wearing postpartum belt after c-section?

It is best to wear the postpartum girdle 42 days after giving birth.

Postpartum pelvic cavity, uterus, internal organs all enter a convalescence period. If the abdominal band is tied too early, these organs will be oppressed and the blood circulation will be poor, thus affecting the recovery of these organs.

If not properly bound, it is more likely to cause congestion of the pelvic floor which can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease or uterine and visceral displacement. Therefore, it is advisable to bind the abdominal band late rather than early after delivery, so that the natural restoration of pelvic cavity, uterus and internal organs is the key.

Obstetricians say it’s best for postpartum mothers to wait until 42 days after giving birth, when the uterus drops to the pelvic cavity, before using the postpartum belt properly.

However, if it is a caesarean section, the belt can be used to cover the abdomen within seven days after the operation, as this helps ease pain and promotes wound healing. But, had better be used when get out of bed activity, after be bedridden answer next, after the abdomen is dissected, do not wearing belt after c-section for a long time again.

Whether it’s a natural birth or a caesarean section, the pelvis widens due to hormonal changes, a natural physiological phenomenon. The hormone here refers to relaxin, which can affect lactation. Therefore, we recommend the use of pelvic bands during standing and walking 2 to 3 days after delivery to help restore the pelvis.

It should be noted that the pelvic band should be used in early cesarean section to avoid the incision site and prevent pain and discomfort.

How Belly Binding Can Help With Recovery After Delivery

Other ways to lose belly after giving birth:

  • Follow A Healthy Diet
  • Following a healthy diet and indulging in moderate exercise can help you get your pre-pregnancy body back. Begin with easy exercises and workouts that do not strain you, and remember to progress gradually. You can consult your doctor about the right time to hit the gym for a more rigorous work out session. Yoga and brisk walks every day can also be of great help to reduce tummy fat.
  • Using a maternity belt after delivery can aid in the process of getting back into shape. However, it does not supplement a good diet and exercise. Using a belt can help you move around better and equip you to work out better, but these postpartum belts should not be considered as a tool for instant weight loss. Use them in moderation and avoid putting your abdomen under constant pressure, all day long. Also, seek guidance from your doctor about the best ways to use the belt for better results.

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