Can I wear a posture corrector while exercising?

Can I wear a posture corrector while exercising?

Do you often need to sit in front of the computer for a long time at work, do you often feel lower back pain?

You can try adjusting your computer as well as your chair, making sure your desktop screen is set up in a way that doesn't hurt your eyes, and that your desk and chair are positioned to prevent neck and back problems.

Even if working from home is only a temporary arrangement, you should go through the process to prevent problems later.

Likewise, if your job involves driving all day, especially if you don't optimize your seat, vision and posture can be negatively affected. Questions include:

  • rigid muscles
  • lower back pain
  • joint stiffness

The good news is that using a posture corrector can help with both.

What is a Posture Corrector?

The word might conjure up very tight rear braces, but these days, they're more comfortable and discreet. The type of aligner you invest in will depend on the body part you want to support.

Essentially, the device holds you in a fixed but natural position, which will keep your body in that position even if you're not wearing aligners.

Can I wear a posture corrector while exercising?

The simple answer is yes! You can use a posture brace with any exercise; however, there are a variety of activities that specifically target poor posture, all of which can be accomplished with a posture corrector.

The benefits of using a posture corrector while exercising

Postural braces not only help reduce the long-term risks of working at a desk, especially when working from home without a workspace analysis; but they can also improve your workouts.

A brace that pulls your shoulders back can improve your posture during yoga, while a device that targets your back posture can help you stay straight during weight training sessions.

Our personal trainer will be able to provide advice specific to your situation and discuss other exercises or classes that you may benefit from using a posture corrector.

What exercises can improve posture?

A variety of exercises can help lessen the effects of working at a desk or behind the wheel. Symptoms of poor posture may be listlessness, a flat or hunched back, rounded shoulders, a "text neck" or a protruding jaw.

Combine the following exercises into a regimen to combat poor posture caused by working at a desk or in roles that require excessive driving. Use a pose stand for better results.

Posture Correction Training:

  • plate
  • back extension
  • side leg raise
  • neck rotation
  • chest stretch
  • Neck Exercise - Lengthen the neck up before pulling the chin down

Of course, you can wear posture correctors for other types of exercises, and some are designed to sit under your clothing for complete discretion; making them ideal for gym wear.

Don't forget that while a posture brace can help reduce the effects of a bad workstation, it should always be used in conjunction with posture improvement exercises for best results.

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