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Elephant leg, flat foot, the harm that wears high-heeled shoes for a long time you know a few?

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Will women get thicker calves when wearing high heels?

High heels can increase the height of women and make the legs more slender and sexy. However, many female friends also have such a question, that is, often wearing high heels will make the calf thicker? In fact, wearing high heels does not directly cause Women's calves become thicker, but it will make the leg muscles build up, and the calf muscles will become more prominent, making the leg fat accumulate and making the calf look thicker. Wearing high heels for a long time will not only make the calf thicker, but also cause damage to other parts of the body.
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What are the dangers of women wearing high heels for a long time?
1. The toes of women who wear high heels for a long time are squeezed by the toes for a long time, and they are prone to foot diseases such as flat feet, bunions and corns.

2. Walking in high heels will also increase the pressure and load on women's ankle and knee joints, and are prone to sprains and various joint inflammations.

3. Women who wear high heels for a long time are more harmful to the lumbar spine. The spine begins to undergo rapid degenerative changes due to walking posture and various pressure loads, and symptoms of lumbar muscle strain appear.

4. Wearing high heels for a long time can also easily cause women to suffer from diseases such as anorexia and headaches, and also affect the circulation of blood throughout the body, and even damage the brain.

5. Wearing high-heeled shoes will also affect the changes in female sexual organs and pelvic blood circulation, thereby reducing sexual desire and causing women to have symptoms of frigidity.
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How to wear high heels is less harmful to the body?
1. Don't wear high heels for too long, especially for women who like to wear high heels for shopping. After walking for a period of time, you must rest your feet.

2. Choose high-heeled shoes that suit you, preferably low-heeled shoes, and don't often wear shoes of the same height.

3. When walking in high heels, you must pay attention to your walking posture and avoid uneven roads to avoid spraining your ankles.