Got the mouse hand how to do?

Got the mouse hand how to do?

Mouse hand is a new disease just appeared in recent years, patients have a common point: like to play computer, all day long holding the mouse does not let go of the hand, the hand holding the mouse often numb, pain and so on. Mouse hand disease can be large or small, in the long run, the mouse hand if not timely treatment, will become stubborn. So, what about the mouse hand? How is mouse hand treated? How to relieve it?

Mouse hand

Got the mouse hand how to do? How is mouse hand treated? How to relieve it?

Reduce the time you spend holding the mouse
If you like to play with the computer for a long time, and the hand you hold the mouse already has stiffness, numbness and other symptoms. So can preliminarily conclude: you have a slight mouse hand. Don't worry, the body's ability to recover is very powerful, you just need to take a few days off the computer, let the hands get relaxed.
   mouse hand
Improve the comfort of using the mouse
If you are an office worker, you have to face the computer because of your job. All you have to do is choose a good keyboard and mouse. Don't assume that a few dollars worth of a mouse is the same as a few dollars worth of one. A good mouse design is more reasonable and less of a burden on your hand. In addition, a good wrist pad is also able to relieve the mouse hand, it is recommended to choose a relatively good point.
Wrist Support
Massage your stiff hands
If the mouse hand has been more serious, then you can use dressing + massage to relieve the pain. It doesn't matter if you don't know massage, find the pain on your hand, apply the medicine on it, slowly rub, squeeze, until the location of the application is hot.

Fix the hand for treatment
Mouse hand more serious people, must pay attention to the combination of work and rest. Every Internet after a period of time to get up and move, such as found stiff hand pain, you can fix your hand on a board or other places, so that it straighten, blood flow fully, alleviate the condition.

If the above methods can not solve the mouse hand, so only go to the hospital to see a doctor. If the mouse hand is very painful to bear, but also must be closed needle. Blocking needles can reduce pain, but it's not a cure. Getting away from the mouse and hand depends on a healthy lifestyle.

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