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Help you improve flat feet and feet pain

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The soles of our human healthy feet have arches, so that walking reduces the shock to our brains, and the tiredness of the feet after walking for a long time. The flat feet are due to the absence of this arch, and the bottom of the foot is flat. This phenomenon is a foot deformity.

Orthotic Foot Insole

How to treat and restore flat feet

1. Congenital flat feet are born, this cannot be changed. When the child was young, take him to the hospital for treatment in related aspects, and try to accept the changes in flat feet when the child's bones are soft.

2. Flat feet usually do not walk too much, otherwise the soles of the feet will be very tired and sore. This is caused by the physiological structure of the flat foot itself. If you want to go out, take a car or drive as much as possible instead of walking for a long time. You can use orthopedic insoles when you go out.

Orthotic Foot Insole
3. Do not wear high heels with flat feet. The principle is very simple. There is no arch in the middle of the flat feet. If it is high heels, the front is low and the back is high, and the strength of the step cannot be supported. Flat shoes at least did not put extra physical pressure on the arch of the foot.

4. Some people's flat feet are acquired. In accidental injuries, even foot injuries, it is possible to flatten the feet. If it is the result of an accident the day after tomorrow, go to the hospital in time to receive restorative treatment and training, and there will still be a chance to get better.

5. We cannot do without walking every day. Whether it is congenital or acquired flat feet, we can practice and exercise by ourselves. When you are at home, put three or five books on the ground, then take off your shoes, stand the forefoot on the book, and expose the back heel, that is, the back heel is not supported by gravity. Use this method to exercise the arch of the foot.

6. In addition, some hospitals have specific shoes for flat feet, usually called "negative heel" shoes. This is also a double-heeled shoe, but the high-heeled part is on the forefoot. It is also available on the market, and the quality is uneven. Its function is also the principle that we stand on the book above.