How do I choose the best maternity support belt?

How do I choose the best maternity support belt?

Whether you're carrying twins, looking to support your pregnancy belly to get back to running or your regular exercise routine, or just looking for support for casual wear and every day activities, there are a few key aspects to consider:


You should start by thinking about how much support you need. Not all maternity belts are designed to be the same. Some are simple adjustable bands that can be quickly applied with velcro closures. Meanwhile, others feature extra straps that are situated above your belly to provide additional support. 

As you shop for a maternity belt, you’re most likely to come across these three styles: 

Single Strap Belt: a simple strap that rests just below your belly and helps to support your bump. 

Extra Support Belt: These models feature an additional strap across the top of your bump for added support.

Full Prenatal Cradle: These are ideal for people who are struggling with serious discomfort as they often look like open vests with an attached belt to distribute your bump weight across your back and shoulders. 


Even though you shouldn’t wear a maternity belt indefinitely, you still want it to be comfortable. Most maternity belts can be worn over or under clothing. If you want to wear it under your clothes, you’ll want to make sure that it’s made from softer materials that won’t irritate your skin. 

More importantly, it shouldn’t be too tight. While compression is a standard benefit from a maternity belt, it shouldn’t be so tight as to be uncomfortable. Wearing a maternity belt that’s too tight could cause too much compression and lead to circulation issues. 

Closure Style

Most maternity belts feature either velcro or hook and eye closures. Both come with benefits and drawbacks. A velcro closure is the easiest to manage by yourself — especially as you get further along and don’t have the energy to fight with more complicated closures. 

However, velcro can snag on more delicate fabrics. In contrast, hook and eye closures can be a pain to manage by yourself. 

Easy to Clean

If you’re going to wear a maternity support belt consistently, you’ll want to be able to easily keep it clean. Even if you invest in multiple belts so you have a steady supply for rotation, you might want to steer clear of belts that need to be hand-washed. 


How much are you willing to spend on a maternity belt? Just like with anything else, maternity support belts come in a wide range of price points. But you can’t focus solely on price. Think about what type of support is most important to you and choose accordingly. 

Again, some maternity belts are designed to be simple affairs that lift gently from below your belly. In contrast, other belts are designed with additional straps that go above your belly. Understandably, a simple belt is going to be cheaper than one with more support features. But, you might be better off investing in a belt with enhanced support.

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