How Tight Should a Maternity Belt Be?

How Tight Should a Maternity Belt Be?

How Tight Should a Maternity Belt Be?

If you are looking for a great maternity belt that will help you or a pregnant friend ease lower back or abdominal pains, you have to make sure that you are not only buying the correct belt size, but also the type of band that will most benefit the pregnant person.

To being with, there are several maternity belt styles and each has different objectives. If you are looking for a belt that will be useful for hiding unzipped pants or other clothes that might be too small for your big belly, then tube tops are what you are looking for.

Tube tops generally come in one size and are pulled over the belly to cover it up. They can be bought in different colors and materials according to your liking.

However, if you are looking for a sturdier maternity belt, keep in mind that you might not be able to use it under your tighter clothes and that, depending on the brand, you will have to measure your belly to buy the right size.

How Tight Should a Maternity Belt Be?

If you have already consulted with your doctor and are now looking for a maternity belt that will help you redistribute the weight of the belly from your pelvic area, it is very important to get the right size.

The wrong size might not only hurt you and the baby, but also worsen the pains and drain all your energy. Here are some guidelines that you should remember when choosing a maternity belt:

  • Some maternity belts are sold by what your weight is at the moment. Usually “small” ranges between 90 and 165 lbs.; “medium” is 150-220 lbs.; and “large” is 250-300 lbs. If you are standing closer to the next bigger size, buy the bigger one as your belly will keep growing with time. This will allow you to use it for a long time without having to replace it if you are lucky enough to not grow that much
  • Other models are sold by inches. For example, a certain maternity band could hold up to 47 inches from belly circumference, which you will have to measure
  • Velcro straps are a great type of closing system as it will allow you to readjust the tightness according to the day and how big your belly gets
  • Some brands use dress sizes to show you which one you should get. However, pay attention to the instructions as they normally ask for pre-pregnancy dress size and it could get tricky
  • If you are looking for a maternity belt that you can wear over your clothes, you might want to add a few inches to the size you are getting

How tight isn’t too tight?

How tight should a maternity belt be? This is quite a common question among pregnant women who are concerned whether their maternity belt is hurting their baby or not. The answer to the latter is simple: Pregnancy bands do not affect your baby as long as you are not in pain yourself.

The idea is to wear a maternity belt that will help you reduce the pain and not augment it so if you bought a band that is causing you discomfort, you should stop its use immediately, without paying attention to what is really bothering you; some complaint about the closing hooks rubbing on the back, others feel that the pain gets worse or that their skin gets irritated.

Another recommendation is to purchase a high-quality product as you will be wearing it throughout the day, especially in those last months where the belly is so big that you will need help to support it.

You also want to buy one that you can wear on different occasions, and it has to fit perfectly so it won’t fall off or slip up while you are sitting, standing, or working out. Breathable fabrics are great for those who live in warmer climates and they last for a long time when properly taken care of.

Finally, if you are buying a model that comes in different sizes and are wondering if the one you bought a couple of months ago is already too tight, it might be. Try out the next size and if it fits and feels better, make sure to get it and replace the one that’s now too small.

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