How to avoid effectively the harm that playing computer for long causes to the body?

How to avoid effectively the harm that playing computer for long causes to the body?

The computer is an indispensable tool and partner in our lives and work. It is our tool when we are working, and our partner when we are bored. But everything has advantages and disadvantages. Computers are also a double-edged sword. While it brings us convenience and happiness, it also affects our health. Playing the computer for a long time will affect people's vision, damage joints, damage the skin, radiation exposure and cervical pain. In addition, it may affect people's mental health and cause some diseases. The high-risk groups of computer diseases are mainly concentrated in journalists, editors, network designers, programmers, typists, game addicts, and white-collar workers who cannot work without computers. How children are addicted to the Internet and often play on computers is also very detrimental to their healthy growth. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to understand how to prevent computer diseases and protect their physical and mental health.


How to avoid effectively the harm that playing computer for long causes to the body?

Proper sitting posture is important. A lot of people play computer when the body is bent over the desk, this position is certainly not right. When playing computer, try to keep the body in a natural sitting position, back straight, neck straight, shoulders naturally droop, upper arms close to the body, elbows bent into 90 degrees, operating the keyboard or mouse, as far as possible to keep the wrist level.

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The height of the computer should be appropriate. Install the center position of the computer screen at the same level as the operator's chest. Use a retractable table and chair with enough space for your feet. Bend your knees naturally and keep your feet on the ground.

Keep your head at a proper distance from the computer screen. The distance between the eyes and the computer screen should be between 40 and 50 centimeters, and the eyes should be flat or slightly overhead, which relaxes the neck muscles and minimizes the eyeball's exposure to the air.

Adjust the computer screen not to be too bright. The computer screen is too bright will cause some damage to the eyes, damage the eyesight, adjust the screen brightness, use green soft computer wallpaper, etc., reduce the screen is too bright to cause damage to the eyes.

Pay attention to work and rest. Avoid long continuous operation of the computer, use the computer 30 minutes should rest, can go for a walk outdoors, or look up to look at the day, or overlook to the distance, or do stretch and expand chest movement, or trot, do other movement. Be aware that sitting for long periods of time can lead to hemorrhoids, so you should exercise more.

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