How to protect the knee better?

How to protect the knee better?

The basic composition of the knee joint:
Knee Brace
In addition to the collarbone and tibia, important auxiliary structures inside the knee joint include

1, lateral ligament: to ensure that the human body movement of the knee joint can only move in the direction of lyse.

2, cross ligaments: make the knee joint in motion before and after stability.

3, half-moon plate: it is like the knee inside the pressure relief pad, increase stability to reduce impact. Is our common part of the movement is easy to wear.

4, fat pad: promote the secretion of knee fluid, shock-absorbing effect.

5, tibia: protect the knee joint, increase the role of stretching the knee muscle torque.

What sports meeting causes the injury of knee joint at ordinary times?

Knee Brace
1, running
Tread machines cause the most serious damage to the knees. Because the treadmill is a constant speed movement, if the athlete's coordination does not keep up with the machine, the meniscus and cartilage will form concussion injury, especially the use of climbing treadmill is not recommended.

2. Taekwondo and football
The technical characteristics of taekwondo and football require rapid flexion and extension of knee joint, which is easy to cause ligament strain. Novice because of the movement is not standard, in order to complete the movement is often in violation of the human physiological structure of the state of force, meniscus by sharp grinding, twisting and tearing.

3, basketball, badminton and other jumping sports
Due to the characteristics of jumping sports, such as athletes often in a semi-squat position of the knee joint, especially repeated rapid turn and stop and rotation will make the load of the knee joint sharply increase, stability decline, it is easy to lead to acute and chronic knee injury.

4, climb a mountain
Mountain climbing is a good way to exercise, but it is not conducive to the protection of the knee joint. Especially when going down the mountain, in addition to their own weight, the knee joint should also bear the force of rushing down, so that the impact will increase the injury to the knee joint. Patella, meniscus, articular surface friction is aggravated, it is easy to cause injury.

How to protect?Knee Brace

1, do a good job of preparing activities

Long-term in motion, low knee temperature, muscle stickiness, stiff ligaments, muscle and side ligaments are prone to pull injuries, resulting in knee injury. Preparation activities can increase the excitement of the nerves, so that the body quickly into the state of motion. The interval between preparation activities and formal training should not be too long. Merchants recommend the use of knee protection, in fact, otherwise, knee protection is generally the injured people to do rehabilitation protection, not recommended for healthy people exercise use.

2, moderate exercise

Current studies do not specify how long or how many steps a day can cause knee injuries Take a break if you feel pain, relax during exercise, and enjoy the pleasures of walking.

3, the appropriate choice of sports venues

The hard ground is large, the elasticity is small, the field is too smooth or uneven may damage the knee joint in motion. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out in the plastic, wood floor and other moderate hard and soft venues.

4, weather factors

In cold conditions, muscle viscosity is large, muscle ligaments around the joints are stiff, adaptability is poor, easy to cause sports damage, therefore, when the climate is not comfortable is recommended indoor exercise, or some soothing exercise.

5, after exercise to relieve fatigue

After intense exercise to do some gentle exercise, so that the whole body muscles relax, the knee joint has a certain protection around. If there is acute ligament damage during exercise, please seek medical attention.

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