How to protect the spine?

How to protect the spine?

1.How your Smartphone is Hurting your Spine

It’s probably no surprise that smartphone use has increased dramatically in the last few years but you might not realize what this increase of such devices could be doing to your spine and neck. On average, individuals spend around 3-6 hours on electronic devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs. Everywhere you go, most individuals (usually between the ages of 16-50) are carrying around their phones at all times whether they’re texting, emailing, checking social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Ins, playing games, or talking on the phone.

This obsession of constantly checking and looking at your phone not only causes you to disconnect from the world around you but also causes extra weight and stress to be placed on your neck and back.
The pain and discomfort caused by looking your electronic devices for a long period of time ,the following symptoms may occur:
Upper back pain
Shoulder tightness and pain
Muscle spasms
Chronic headaches
Abnormal curves in your spine

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2.Fortunately, this condition is easily prevented! It can be as simple as reducing the amount of time you spend on such devices.

Hold your electronic devices at eye level as much as you can! Especially for those sitting at a computer desk all day,

Take periodic breaks from electronic devices throughout the day. As hard as it may be, put down your Phone and go for a walk! It can reduce headaches and migraines.

Sit up straight !There are numerous benefits of having good posture including relieving chronic neck and back pain, reducing migraines, giving you more energy, and helps give you more confidence.

Wear a posture brace .Wearing a posture corrector can help train your muscles to stand up straight with your shoulders back. By wearing this posture brace for only 30 minutes a day, you can help your back, neck, and shoulders from the stress and tension that may arise.

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3.In daily life, adults and children will have these problems. Of course in order to improve this situation, in addition to using professional posture correction belts, there are many other ways to help solve the adverse health effects of this problem.
For example:
‧Sport every day,
‧Use stairs instead of the elevator!
‧If your office or work is close by, try walking or biking to work .
Maintaining a good posture has many benefits, including reducing stress and tension, reducing chronic neck and back pain, and giving you more confidence.
Therefore, whether it is using a professional auxiliary correction belt or using exercise, you must persist in order to be effective.

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