How to protect yourself and prevent injury in basketball?

How to protect yourself and prevent injury in basketball?

Basketball is now a more common ball game and one of the most popular sports in the world. Especially popular among young people, more and more people join this movement. Due to people's carelessness and negligence, various injuries can be caused in sports. In particular, in order to imitate the NBA superstars, young people even ignore their physical endurance and engage in physical confrontations indiscriminately, resulting in a series of physical injuries. The body is the capital of the revolution, and once something goes wrong with your body, your basketball will be ruined. From the fate of a series of NBA stars who have been plagued by injuries, the protection of sports injuries is becoming more and more important.

1. Injury from stepping on the foot
This kind of situation often occurs when grabbing rebounds, and the feet of the person behind are all stepped on. The front eyes can see it, and naturally they rarely step on it. Then, after grabbing a rebound and falling, you must push your butt up, lean against the person behind, and try to land a little forward with your legs, and your legs land in a "┐" shape. Lean your upper body forward to maintain balance. This is also suitable for holding the ball in your arms and avoiding being stolen. A layup is unlikely to step on the foot
2. Sprained foot
When the direction is changed abruptly or when a sudden stop is twisted, it must be because the direction of kicking is wrong when changing direction. Everyone has directly or indirectly learned the movements of basketball stars. Most players have a characteristic, and their feet are often inside Bazi, buckle inside the knee. This method is suitable for exerting force when changing direction. For example, if you want to rush to the left, let the center of gravity move forward first. The right leg that is buckled inward can exert force smoothly, but the problem also arises. If the right leg has exerted force , Suddenly wanted to run to the other side, so the left leg was not lifted up in time or was buckled inwardly on the ground, wouldn't the left foot be twisted?

You might laugh at how there is such a situation, such a stupid person. In fact, this is also very possible. When defending, the opponent was shaken. If you want to run in the right direction immediately, you will often make such a mistake, twist your foot or get shaken. There is also that when you stop suddenly, you don't move your toes forward, but continue to stop with the inner horoscope. If you don't control your body, you will twist your feet.

The way to prevent is to practice more basic steps. Defensive sliding is especially important. When defending, you should give up the inner eight, but put out the outer eight. If you want to move to the right, drag your left foot with your right foot, and vice versa. This is correct. In order to prevent the opponent faster without being injured and embarrassed. The direction of the breakthrough is also an emergency stop and then an acceleration action, so be careful, even if it is a fake action during an emergency stop, let your toes follow the "fake" front. This is not only more realistic, but also avoids possible sprains.
3. Master the landing skills
Can not jump high when shooting, and decide how high to jump based on the defense. In any case, try to avoid landing when flying sideways. When landing, it is either front or back. Never allow your feet to cushion laterally when landing. Once the landing is unstable, simply roll or fall down. The bruise is always lighter than the sprain. Don't force the stature to stabilize, which may cause a sprain. Don't think of rushing into the crowd and scoring a goal. In case of injury, you will cry and say: If God gives you another chance, you will choose to shoot in place.
Knee Brace
Common causes of knee injuries:
1. Some people are too able to jump. Playing on concrete, they are easily injured if they don't wear better shoes. Shoes don't have to be expensive. You must buy good shock absorption!
2. When jumping and landing, don't pay attention to the shift of the body's center of gravity!
3. The most important point, do not pay attention to rest! ! ! Eighty percent of knee injuries are caused by lack of rest. This kind of injury is easy to prevent, but once it is injured, it is difficult to heal. It takes at least a few months to a year, so you must pay attention to rest! Resolutely oppose playing with injuries!

You must learn to protect yourself during exercise and stay away from sports injuries. If you are still accidentally injured, it is important to remember to give first aid and treatment in time.

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