How to use a maternity support belt during pregnancy?

How to use a maternity support belt during pregnancy?

As a mom-to-be, the little joys you bring in nine months can also become a source of growing stress and pain. However, many expectant mothers find some relief from wearing maternity braces because they provide support and help reduce pelvic and hip pain during pregnancy.

Many moms say that maternity braces can ease the pain of pregnancy and help them feel better, especially later in pregnancy, although the scientific evidence is limited to fully support their use.

Do i need a maternity support belt?

A support belt is not required or necessary for every pregnancy. Whether you need one depends on your posture, ligament laxity, core strength, how your baby is sitting, and other factors. The right band can help with pain or strain in the back, belly, or pelvis. Some women may enjoy the feeling of support and find that it makes daily activities, walking, or exercising easier.

Precautions before wearing a maternity support belt:

  • Talk with your doctor. Discuss your symptoms and make sure nothing unusual is going on.
  • Check insurance coverage. Some insurance plans cover a baby belt if your doctor writes a prescription for one.
  • Limit use. Wearing a belly belt too often can reduce air flow to your skin and be too restrictive for the body. The extra layer of material can also make you hot. Many manufacturers recommend wearing the devices for three to four hours a day. Talk to your doctor about the best amount of time for you.
  • Wear snugly. You want your maternity support garment to be snug, but not tight. Belts that are too tight can cause discomfort and pain.
  • Consider price. Belly belts can be costly. Consider factoring them into your budget as you plan for your baby.
  • Check appearance. Some belly belts are noticeable and show under your clothing. Think about the best clothes to wear with your belt.
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