How to use a pregnancy belly belt?

How to use a pregnancy belly belt?

As with all health-related products, especially during pregnancy, the key to making the right decision is knowledge. Consulting a women’s health care professional like a Women’s Health Physiotherapist is always a good idea. So, what are Belly Belts, maternity belt and Pregnancy Belts?

Belly Belts and Maternity Belts Because the terms “belly belt” and “maternity belt” do not specify whether it is for pregnancy or post-natal use, they are ambiguous, and you need to work out what stage of your maternity journey they are for; during pregnancy or for recovery after birth. Maternity belts and belly belts can be either a pregnancy belly belt or a Post Pregnancy Tummy Wrap. Some claim to do both.

The Good – Why You should Wear a Belly Belt, Maternity Belt or Pregnancy Belt: Approximately 70% of all pregnant women suffer low back pain and up to 45% exhibit symptoms of Pelvic Girdle Pain. Women with one or both conditions can find it difficult to cope with and participate in everyday activities. Good reasons to wear pregnancy belts during your pregnancy:

  • Relieving pain in joints, muscles and lower back
  • Assisting with pain of the sacroiliac joint and hip joint
  • Decreasing the discomfort and providing support to the pelvic area during various activities by stabilising the pelvis and relieving pressure from the lower back
  • To help improve posture

Maternity belts offer additional comfort during daily activities, reducing soreness associated with abdominal wall expansion in the late trimesters. Because Belly Belts and maternity belt could also refer to post-partum belly belts, or post-partum girdles for after delivery, the benefits they can deliver after birth are:

  • Postpartum belly belt can help to speed up the recovery process by providing support to the abdominal muscles that have separated during pregnancy and encourage them to return to their pre-pregnancy state
  • The post-partum maternity belt may also assist with better healing of your C-section scar
  • Finally, it will provide stability and support to assist with your general mobility after delivery

How to use a pregnancy belly belt?

  • First, check with your doctor to discuss using a belly band. They aren’t suited for women with hypertension or poor circulation.
  • Then choose the right size based on your pre-pregnancy size. Many brands have sizing charts that correlate with pant sizes to help you choose the properly fitting option.
  • If you have a tube belly band slide it over your head and position it over your stomach. Slide it down until it covers your pants line.
  • For belly bands that have velcro snaps, place the widest point under your stomach to support it and fasten the velcro straps behind your back. Some options attach in the front or on the sides, so refer to the instructions included with your band.
  • You want to feel gentle compression. If your belly band is too tight it can cause indigestion, heartburn, and impact your circulation and blood pressure.
  • Only wear your maternity support band for 2 to 3 hours at a time. Becoming over dependent on them can weaken your lower muscles due to too much stretching. Take a break and give your body time to strengthen and prepare for giving birth.
  • Belly bands should be paired with daily exercise to shed extra pounds and build up strength.
  • If your maternity support band doesn’t relieve pain or you find daily activities to be painful speak with your doctor to address any underlying conditions. You may be recommended to a physical therapist.
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