How to wear a pregnancy belt?

How to wear a pregnancy belt?

Throughout pregnancy, your body is constantly making adjustments to accommodate your baby's growth. The ligaments that support the uterus also adapt as they stretch to support the distended uterus. Maternity belts support your growing belly and when worn under your belly can temporarily relieve pain or discomfort caused by ligaments tightening.

Why You Need a Pregnancy Belly Support Band?

Here are three ways a pregnancy belly brace can help support you and your baby as they grow inside you:

  • A pregnancy belly brace can help reduce pain. By the time your little one is ready to come out, your belly has already put on quite a bit of weight. This can take a toll on your back and hips. In fact, 71% of women struggle with low back pain during pregnancy. The girdle gives you the little extra support you need and puts just the right amount of pressure on your lower back to relieve any pain and help you do what you want while you're pregnant.
  • The pregnancy belly support band provides compression. When you're running around (exercising, chasing the big kids, or having a great vacation time), a little compression to support your back and abs can make all the difference. Just make sure it's not too tight and give your abs a break after an hour or two.
  • Pregnancy belly support band support pose. A snug and comfortable strap in your middle will remind you to sit up straight, which is great when you're pregnant. You'll be tempted to bend over and hug your baby's belly, but a pregnancy support strap can help you stand up straight and give your baby all the space it needs to grow.

How to wear a pregnancy belly support belt?

  1. Wrap the strap attached to the ASP around your body until it meets the other side of the pad. Fasten the straps to the pad with hook and loop fasteners.
  2. Use the hook and loop fastening system to attach the waist belt to one side of the ASP. Stretch the waistband around the back and attach the other end of the waistband to the ASP using the hook and loop fastener. Reposition the hook and loop to loosen or tighten the seat belt.
  3. Hook the belly strap to the upper corner of the ASP and wrap it around the top of your belly until it reaches the opposite corner of the ASP. Attach the tummy tuck with the hook-and-loop clasp. Adjust the maternity belt as needed for maximum comfort.


Not all maternity belt come with a tummy tuck. Some manufacturers offer tummy tucks for extra support. Maternity belts come in different sizes depending on the size of the clothes. When paired with a pair of comfortable shoes and good posture, a maternity belt can also help relieve pregnancy-related back pain.


Do not wrap the maternity belt tightly around your body. Maternity belts should not interfere with walking or sitting. Do not wrap the maternity belt around the center of the pregnant woman's abdomen.

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