Let you know more about thumb valgus!

Let you know more about thumb valgus!

What is Hallux Valgus?

Thumb roll refers to the tilt of the joint between the toe bone and the first tibia by more than 15 degrees. Thumb flipping is caused by a variety of conditions, such as genetics, often wearing high heels, pointed shoes, so that the toe too much outside. In addition, flat-footed patients are more likely to form a toe flip.

Hallux valgus
More women than men in patients, more common in middle-aged and elderly women, accustomed to wearing high heels and pointed shoes are also prone to disease.

Hallux Valgus

How do I prevent Hallux Valgus?

When buying a shoe at ordinary times, a pair of wide shoe last that should choose and buy lets toe have enough space to move, in order to reduce shoe faces toe place to cause oppress. In addition, the correct arch design of the standard shoes, with strong shock absorption, decompression effect, so that you walk in the foot to bear the weight of the whole body evenly distributed in the sole of the foot, not because of improper distribution and oppression to the toes, causing ligament inflammation, relaxation, is also a very important factor to consider. Therefore, long-term wear of inappropriate shoes to walk, it is easy to cause the thumb valion and cause inflammation, pain. Wearing the most popular shoes on the market pointed witch shoes, high-heeled shoes, heels too high, the probability of thumb valgus is higher than the average person.

Hallux Valgus


Bunions care

● Extra deepened or widened European comfort shoes

● Arch support insoles and crossbow pads;

● Elastic vamp, no inner seam;

● Shoes with mild arched soles can be beneficial;

● Half boot style shoes;

● The area of the hallux cyst is stretched with a ball and ring;

● The thickness of the back foot of the sole should not exceed one centimeter of the front foot;

● usually wear slippers at home the best choice of flip-flops relax foot extrusion
Hallux Valgus Brace
● The ligament tissue is not easy to regenerate and recover, but the appropriate external force to let the phalanges close, the wedge bone and the ligament between the metatarsal bone to increase the contact, will let the ligament relieve.

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