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Make pregnancy life easier!

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Pregnancy is almost every female friend must go through the process, a lot of people say that being a mother is hard, in fact, it is the most hard when carrying a child. Pregnant women belly belt can help reduce the mother's hard work during pregnancy

The role of pregnant women's abdominal belt is mainly to help pregnant women hold up the abdomen. For those who feel that the stomach is relatively large, relatively heavy when walking, need to use the hand to support the stomach to provide help, especially for pregnant women who have loose pain in the ligaments connecting the pelvis, abdominal support band can play a role in the back support. Still have fetal position to be breech, after the doctor does outside turn over art to turn for a head, to prevent its return original breech again, can use hold an abdomen to bring restriction.

Belly Band for Pregnancy

Abdominal belt in helping to hold up the abdomen at the same time, can help pregnant women to maintain the correct posture, so that pregnant women in pregnancy is still light, but also can make the fetus have a sense of stability. In addition, the abdominal support belt in the late pregnancy due to the effect of gravity on the abdomen, the back of the back to maintain posture caused by low back pain, back pain and other aspects also have an obvious role. In addition, it can also protect the fetus in the abdomen, and has the function of heat preservation, so that the fetus grows in a warm environment.


- With our specially designed maternity belt, you can move the adjustable band for every trimester of your pregnancy to help keep you comfortable and from having to buy different sized belts!


- Our maternity band, when worn and properly adjusted, will assist in supporting your belly while simultaneously eliminating back pain!


- You can also comfortably lift your baby bump with the optional upper belly band to ease pressure on your lower abdomen and pelvis!