Make standing for a long time no longer painful!

Make standing for a long time no longer painful!

After standing for a long time, it will cause some adverse effects on the body, and even may be complicated with some disease problems, we must pay attention to. So what are the dangers of standing for long periods of time? Let's learn four dangers of standing for long periods of time.

1.varicose veins: calf parts have a wealth of veins, can play a role in the fight against gravity, because a long time in a standing state, will lead to lower limb venous pressure continues to rise, so there will be the phenomenon of venous dilation, resulting in blood reflux. This not only causes fatigue in the legs, but also causes the veins in the lower legs to dilate, leading to varicose veins.

2. thrombosis: standing for a long time will cause varicose veins, which will slow down the blood flow, and thrombus will form after minor trauma. When the thrombus breaks off and enters the circulatory system, it may cause pulmonary embolism, which, if not treated in time, may endanger its own life safety.

3, complicated with other diseases: long-term occurrence of poor blood flow phenomenon, will lead to local tissue malnutrition, resulting in muscle atrophy, pigmentation and other degenerative changes, and eventually the problem of skin resistance decline. It may even cause some skin lesions, such as dermatitis and eczema. In addition, there may be a few systemic disease complicated, such as acute lymphangitis, thrombosis phlebitis.

4, affect personal beauty: standing for a long time will lead to leg blood vessels protrusion, just like earthworm coiled in the leg. It will not only damage the health of the body, but also may affect the personal appearance, and there will be fatigue of the lower limbs, muscle spasm and other uncomfortable symptoms.

So what kind of methods should be used to relieve such pain?

1. the two feet take turns to bear the weight
Instead of always standing on two feet to support your weight, switch your foot to support your weight, for example by resting your legs alternately. Or to pad the feet, let the heel together straight movement, and do some calf kicks, these exercises are likely to make the level of pain relief. These movements can cause the contraction of calf muscles and intestines to reduce venous blood accumulation to a certain extent.

2. put your legs up at rest
At noon and at night to rest, it is best to be able to sleep in the leg pad high 15 to 20cm or so, can promote leg blood circulation. For example, placing a pillow under your legs while sleeping is a good choice.

3, soak your feet in hot water
Get into the habit of soaking your feet in hot water every night before you go to bed. Never wash your feet in cold water, because bathing in hot water can eliminate fatigue. In addition, it is also conducive to sleep and can play the role of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis. If you take a bath with cold water, it is likely to lead to a cold

4, swim
Many people may not know that swimming is a very good way to prevent varicose veins, so if you often stand leg pain can go swimming, because at this time the body pressure is reduced, water pressure helps to enhance the elasticity of blood vessels.

5. Massage
In addition, you can go to do leg massage, two hands on the inner side of the calf, and then have the ankle to rub the calf muscles to the joint. This can greatly help people with venous blood return.

6.adjust your diet
Usually should eat a little light food and some nutritious food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables can eat hawthorn, rape or adzuki beans and other food to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, in addition, you can also eat some warm food, such as lettuce, and chicken, to warm the meridians.

If standing for a long time will lead to blood circulation is not smooth, so the harm to the human body is very large. For a long time, it may also cause people to have dizziness and other symptoms. Although the work needs, but still should pay attention to the body rest, long time to keep standing posture, is certainly a great harm to the body, so there are many people will suffer from joint pain, or varicose veins and other occupational diseases. We recommend wearing ZSZBACE compression socks to improve the pain of standing for a long time

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