Make your figure better!

Make your figure better!

Body shaping clothes according to the principle of ergonomics of three-dimensional shear material more in line with the characteristics of human body structure, adjust the body fat distribution, shape beautiful curve, breast enhancement, abdominal contraction, waist reduction, buttock, leg effect and obvious, more show a woman's sexy and charming. Stretch clothing, also known as shapewear, tights, corsets, body suits, shapewear, etc., is a kind of functional clothing. It uses elastic fabric, cut according to the curve of the human body, close to the skin.

              Shapewear Waist Trainer

 The benefits of wearing shapewear:
 1. Help women get rid of bad habits and improve their body shape.
   Shapewear can help women improve their body shape, such as hunchback, sagging breasts, flat chest, prominent appetite, bucket waist, fat buttocks, flat buttocks, thick thighs, radish legs and so on. Attention is improvement, not change. Body sculpting is to make the body shape perfect by pushing fat, and the body shape will be well improved by long-term wear. At the same time, because the shapewear has a restraining effect on the body, it helps women control their appetite and achieve the effect of slimming. Although there is a certain weight loss effect, the shapewear is definitely not a weight loss clothing. To lose weight in the true sense is to eat less and exercise more. Body shaping is just a perfect body shape to aid weight loss.

   Shapewear Waist Trainer
  2. Gynecological use after caesarean section or natural delivery
   This kind of shapewear is generally concentrated on the chest, abdomen, and lower extremities, which have major changes in appearance due to pregnancy and childbirth. It can assist breast swelling, uterine contraction, and skin elasticity caused by sudden changes in hormones.
 3. For varicose veins of lower extremities
   This type of shapewear is generally concentrated on the lower limbs. It is used to prevent and treat discomfort such as protruding blood vessels and pain caused by varicose veins of the lower limbs caused by standing for a long time.
   4. Use after surgery
  This kind of shapewear is suitable for various surgical operations on the body surface or body cavity. It can compress and stop bleeding on the surgical area, fit the skin, assist the recovery of soft tissues, and shape the body shape. This kind of shapewear is generally worn 24 hours a day from the time of the operation to 3 months after the operation. The fabric must be antibacterial and antiseptic, and the pressure must be able to compress the arteries to stop bleeding without affecting the veins and lymph. For reflux, the design style must be adapted to the needs of different surgical sites, easy to put on and take off, and it is not affected by eating, sleeping and going to the toilet, so that the patient is comfortable to wear and the doctor is satisfied with the oppression. Therefore, this type of elastic garment is the most professional and has the highest quality requirements, and it must not be replaced by other types of shapewear.

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