Safety Tips in Wearing a Postpartum Belt

Safety Tips in Wearing a Postpartum Belt

To avoid any incidents, you need to know how to use a postpartum belt properly. 

Basically, you will need to remember the following when tightening the velcro straps:

  • The binder should not be too tight
  • You should feel supported
  • You can still take full deep breaths

These should be your bases in determining whether you are using the belt properly. 

Remember that the goal of the binder is to give support to your abdominal muscle through gentle compression. 

If the binder you’re using does not make you feel supported, it could be because you’re using the wrong type.

1. Different Kinds of Postpartum Wraps

Postpartum wraps are now available in a variety of materials. Unfortunately, not all of these are suitable to use after a c-section. 

Here are the most common options that you’ll find in the market:

  • Elastic Wraps – This is the best variety you can get since it is made of soft, elastic fabric. Go for one that lets you breathe and move easily. At the same time, the wrap should be long enough to wrap around your abdomen and hips. 
  • Support Belt – There are also adjustable support belts available in the market. This is a good option if you want to get support for your hips and back. 
  • Shapewear – There are shapewear manufacturers that have compression garments designed for pregnancy and postpartum. However, some of these are not practical to use, especially when you need to change your pad during postpartum. 

2. When Can I Start Wearing a Postpartum Belt After C-section?

So when to wear abdominal belt after c-section? Again, make sure to check with your doctor before you plan to use one. 

There are some women who have gotten the approval of their doctor to start using a postpartum belt a few days after a vaginal birth.

If you had a c-section, however, the general advice is to wait until the wound has healed. 

The reason behind this is so you don’t worsen your wound or scar.

Generally, you can wait between six to eight weeks before you can safely use a postpartum belt. 

3. Should You Sleep While Wearing a Girdle?

Technically speaking, you can opt to wear a binder 24/7.

But it’s not advisable to use a girdle while you are sleeping, especially after a c-section.

If you decide to wear a binder while sleeping it may cause the following:

  • Breathing impairment
  • Blood flow restriction
  • General discomfort 

While you can use one to help you move around, it is not a good idea to wear a binder all day long. 

If you wear a binder too long, it may weaken your abdominal muscles; thus causing more problems. 

Remember that using a postpartum belt is mainly for comfort. It is not necessarily being used for postpartum recovery. 

If you wear a postpartum belt all day long, it will only put unnecessary pressure on your abdominal muscles. 

This is risky because it may lead to a hernia over time. 

Instead of wearing the belt all day long, make it a point to take it off when you’re sitting or lying down.

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