The Best Posture Improvements to Stop Laziness

The Best Posture Improvements to Stop Laziness

You bend for hours at your desk and in front of the phone. We've rounded up some gadgets to help you get in shape - including a DIY tip and yoga advice.

We're listless We spend at least 40 hours a week at our desks and the rest of the time bending our necks to our phones. Not to mention that we are approaching the two-year mark of a pandemic that restricts our daily activities. All of these can affect our back health. Bad posture doesn't just cause temporary pain and stiffness; it can cause permanent hunches.

After seeing too many pictures of myself in bad posture - my shoulders are completely rounded, my stomach is somehow pushed forward while my hips are pushed back - I wonder why anyone volunteers in public with I say. So I decided to do something about it and try straps, shirts, and even a little vibrating device to put on your back.

Here are some tips to improve poor posture:

Pay attention to your desktop settings

When you work at your desk, your shoulders and arms are at a 90-degree angle. Position the monitor directly in front of eye level.

A 2014 study on the "text neck" (also known as the "tech neck") found that when you keep your head in line with your shoulders, it only weighs about 10 pounds.

Poor posture while standing can cause similar problems in the neck and back. If you have access to an office standing desk, this is a comforting option. But you still need to work on maintaining good posture.

And, again, place your computer screen high enough to avoid looking down.

move around as much as possible

Whether you work sitting or standing, regular exercise is recommended.

Take breaks and move around every hour or so if you can. But even if you're stuck at your desk, you can change your movements.

"Your body loves change, so don't let your muscles get too tired," he says. "If you have a standing desk, you still need to move. Shake it all day, or walk forward and back for a while."

Take steps to improve your posture now—you'll be glad you did later.


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