What are the advantages and disadvantages of pregnancy belts?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pregnancy belts?

Types of Maternity Support Wear

Belly bands, which are flexible, tube-like garments, can provide mild compression and support the hips and lower back. They also serve as a useful fashion accessory. Many women wear the bands around their bellies to cover unbuttoned or unzipped pants, and to cover skin that gets exposed as the belly expands. Belly bands come in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and designs.

Belly belts are rigid belts that wrap around the belly to help support the lower back, pelvis, hips, and abdomen during pregnancy. Belly belts usually sit on top of clothing, but some women wear them underneath. Belly belts are narrow and strap-like.

In general, belts are more customizable and can be adjusted to fit you. They provide firmer support, which can help with balance and posture, especially as your center of gravity changes, Newton says.

The Bad – Why wearing a Pregnancy Belt may not be your optimal solution

The issue with most belly belts, even those that have stretchable inserts, is that they:

  • do not move with your body,
  • they can feel restrictive and need constant readjustment which can be frustrating to some (and perfectly ok for others).
  • pregnancy belts are not the most comfortable or flattering things to wear, especially if you are wearing them under anything that is fitted as they will show through.
  • belly bands as stated previously will simply not deliver the support that is required to assist you with issues like lower back pain or pelvic girdle pain – they were not designed to nor do they have the right amount of compression in the right places. 
  • many pregnancy belts, belly belts and maternity belts have hooks, loops or Velcro to adjust the belt and keep it in the right position and at the right tension, however this also means there is a chance of these catching and ripping your clothes.

We recommend you to try one on and/or make sure you can get a refund if the product simply irritates you when you have to constantly readjust when sitting down or getting up.

The Good - Why You should Wear a  Pregnancy Belt:

Approximately 70% of all pregnant women suffer low back pain and up to 45% exhibit symptoms of Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)1,2. Women with one or both conditions can find it difficult to cope with and participate in everyday activities. 

Usually prescribed for extra postural support for severe symptoms of Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) and Pelvic Instability it can be a great addition to the SRC Pregnancy Shorts or Leggings that assist with less severe symptoms of PGP.

Here are a number of good reasons to wear pregnancy belts during your pregnancy:

  • Relieving pain in joints, muscles and lower back
  • Assisting with the sacroiliac joint pain and hip joint pain
  • Decrease the discomfort and provide support to the pelvic area during various activities by stabilising the pelvis and relieving pressure from the lower back.
  • Help improve your posture
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