What are the benefits of fitness for women?

What are the benefits of fitness for women?

Both boys and girls like fitness because the benefits of fitness are too obvious

We summarize the benefits of long-term fitness for women as follows


1. Enhance muscle strength and relieve fatigue in daily work

Many bai female friends are reluctant to do strength training, but in fact, through weight training, women’s weight can increase by 30% to 50%. Not only do they feel that they hold their children, wash clothes, and do housework. Become particularly relaxed, engaging in other activities is not easy to cause muscle damage.

2. Burn fat in the body and accelerate the "manufacturing" of muscle

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A related piece of data shows that if female friends perform weightlifting three times a week for three consecutive months, they can lose 1.6 kilograms of fat, and then they can "make" nearly one kilogram of muscle. More importantly, the muscles obtained through exercise will continue to burn calories, consuming 35 to 50 calories a day, which cannot be achieved by general aerobic exercise.

3. Don't worry about your muscles being too masculine

Many female friends worry that exercising muscles will be ugly. In fact, because the level of hormones that promote muscle growth is far lower in women than men, women generally do not appear to be very burly because of weight training, so the United States is young Women are very keen on strength training.

4. It can increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis

After weight training, the calcium content of female vertebrae can increase by 13% in just six months. If the diet is right, osteoporosis can be prevented very well. Generally speaking, foreign women friends prefer weight training, which must be the reason.

5. Reduce muscle soreness and back pain

Strength training such as weightlifting can not only enhance the growth of skeletal muscles, but also enhance the stiffness of soft tissues and joints. A twelve-year study has shown that weightlifting is very effective in relieving and eliminating chronic back pain.

6. Enhance cardiovascular function and reduce the risk of diabetes

Weightlifting exercise can reduce the number of "bad cholesterol" in the body, increase the number of "good cholesterol", and can also treat high blood pressure, especially for middle-aged and elderly patients with cardiovascular disease. The effect is particularly significant. After four months of weight training, the human body The content of metabolized glucose will increase by 23%, which greatly reduces the risk of diabetes.

Of course, long-term fitness has a lot of benefits, certainly more than these
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