What are the benefits of girls who insist on running for a long time?

What are the benefits of girls who insist on running for a long time?

As running has become a national sport, more and more women have joined the ranks of runners. Running for a long time has many benefits for girls. For example, running can significantly enhance the physical fitness of girls and greatly reduce the chance of catching a cold. At the same time, it can help you eliminate excess fat on your body and maintain your figure. In addition, it can effectively regulate women’s endocrine function
What are the benefits of girls who insist on running for a long time?

A woman who loves to run must be very healthy. The fitness effect of running is a well-known fact. Running can not only keep fit, lose weight, but also prevent cardiovascular disease, thrombosis and prevent hardening of fat; it can not only protect eyesight, prevent colds, but also fight breast cancer and help conception; while preventing periodontal disease and Alzheimer's disease , Can also reduce the degree of brain damage in stroke.
Younger face
Women who love to run must be in good shape, and this sport will also make you look younger. In addition to preventing diseases, running can also beautify the skin. Exercise can improve the body's metabolism, lighten the pigment, and make the skin whiter and smoother.
Outstanding taste and temperament
A woman who loves to run must be elegant and refined. Women who often run know how to appreciate the beautiful scenery and taste life, so they will have a good cultivation and connotation, elegant conversation, good taste, and elegant and dignified temperament. If you can learn elegant dress, but you can't learn elegant temperament, it is an attitude that comes from the heart-living elegantly.
More insightful
Women who love to run are open-minded and knowledgeable. Women who love to run have an open mind and a wide range of knowledge. When they feel the deep connotation brought by life, they also don't forget to share with people around them. There will be a broader space for communication between you and a more interesting way of communication.
Know how to enjoy life
Women who love to run know how to live fun. A sporty woman takes off her high heels and puts on a pair of running shoes. On the track, she feels her breathing at a pace and measures her distance with sweat. Only such a funny woman knows how to enjoy life indifferently, and she can bloom with intoxicating beauty like flowers.

Compression Socks

What issues should girls pay attention to when running training?

Wear sports underwear and compression socks
No matter how far you run, a suitable sports underwear is what female runners need. Ordinary underwear will scratch the skin and cannot provide the same support and stability as sports underwear. Running is a high-intensity exercise. Running will make women’s breasts vibrate. Sports underwear can fix the chest to avoid the impact of vibrations. Compression stockings can promote blood circulation and make running easier

Alternative training during menstrual period
When the menstrual period comes, women will inevitably interrupt training. At this time, stopping for two or three days will not have any effect on the overall training effect. However, some women have a longer period of physical fitness and need to stop running more. For a long time, but you don't want to lose the results of your exercise, you can choose to change to other less strenuous exercise methods, such as yoga and some simple strength training, so that you can maintain a good figure.

Pay attention to strength exercises
Girls are relatively weak. They often see girls bending and swaying when running. This is a manifestation of lack of strength in the waist, abdomen and lower limbs, which increases the chance of running injuries and is not conducive to overall health. At the beginning of running, we must pay special attention to strength training. Only when the strength comes up can we keep the body stable during running and improve running economy.

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