What are the benefits of playing tennis? What should I pay attention to?

What are the benefits of playing tennis? What should I pay attention to?

Tennis is an alternate aerobic and anaerobic exercise, so tennis can maximize the satisfaction of people who want to exercise at different levels: those who want to exercise can get a coordinated exercise of the whole body by playing tennis, and take a shower after playing. The fatigue of a day’s work disappears, followed by appetite and sleepiness; hope to lose weight and keep fit. Tennis exercise is enough to consume excess fat on your body and make your body shape perfect. Experiments have proved that after you start playing tennis After 2 months, the weight has been greatly reduced, and then will slowly lose weight until it is balanced, so tennis is the most effortless way to lose weight.

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Tennis can be played outdoors or indoors, so as long as you like the sport and are willing to engage in it for a long time, you can play it almost at any time. On a sunny day, go outside to find three or five golfers to play, bask in the sun, and chat; in case the weather is bad, it rains or is too hot or too cold, it doesn’t matter if you are addicted to the ball, it’s the same as spending a little bit on the indoor court Can save the urgent need.

What are the benefits of women playing tennis?
Tennis has now become a popular way of fitness in life. When playing tennis, it is required to run back and forth on the court while paying attention to the angle of the ball. Therefore, it can be said to be a full-body intense exercise method.

1. Play tennis, exercise your lower body
Playing tennis seems to be played with your hands, but actually with your legs, so tennis exercises are very good for training your lower body, especially for calves. At the same time, playing tennis is good for waist shaping. I have a deep understanding of this. The intensity of exercise for female amateur tennis enthusiasts is not exactly suitable for fitness intensity
The principle of tennis fitness calf is that it can help you tighten up and look thin. It is best to play tennis 1-3 times a week for one hour. If you play tennis frequently, you will gain muscle. Practicing tennis can be combined with brisk walking, which can relax muscles and not grow muscles easily.
2. Tennis can cultivate rhythm and coordination
They are very particular about beauty and rhythm. Girls do not need much effort to play tennis, but they can cultivate the rhythm of movements and the coordination of the body. Temperament, charm, and beauty can all come from tennis.
3. Playing tennis, detox and beauty
Think about it after an hour of exercise, sweating is inevitable. Sweating is a great way to detoxify and beautify.

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Several details that should be paid attention to in tennis

Tennis sports have high requirements on the court. Uneven or too smooth surfaces can easily cause accidents such as falls and sprain the ankle. It is also important for athletes to choose a qualified venue.

●Women choose a light racket The racket is too heavy, the deep arm muscles are more laborious, and it is relatively easier to strain, and the possibility of tennis elbow is higher. Female exercisers should choose a light racket, too heavy racket will easily make the arm too strong, not in line with the aesthetic requirements of women.

●You must stretch before exercise. No matter what kind of exercise, stretching ligaments before exercise can help reduce sports injuries. According to the characteristics of tennis's lower limbs, waist, and arm swings, athletes need to focus on "warming up" these parts. Athletes can bend the waist and press the legs like a ballet performer, stretch the waist and lower limbs; twist the waist and rotate the waist to move the waist; clasp the elbow joint of the other hand with one hand and pull in different directions to lift the ligaments of the hand Rotate the ankle with the toes and move the ankle joints; cross the hands and rotate the ankles. Generally speaking, warm up for 10 minutes in summer and 20 minutes in winter.

●If there is pain, wear protective gear. When a player is playing, we can sometimes see the athlete's waist, legs, and elbows tied to something. Many people wonder, what role these tools can increase physical strength and improve performance?  Junxing Yang believes that when athletes have sore limbs and are a little weak, but continue to exercise, they can be worn according to the different painful parts. Protective tools such as knee pads, elbow pads, and waist pads. However, if you just start exercising, don't wear it if you don't have any discomfort, otherwise it will restrain your body, affect your body's flexibility, and cause trouble.

●Low back pain and knee pain. Don’t play tennis. Playing tennis has sharp waist rotation and often half-squatting. Therefore, people with low back pain and knee arthritis (knee pain often dull) are not suitable for this sport.

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