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What are the causes of wrist pain, and what are some good ways to help relieve it?

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If people are often overworked in life, often do heavy work or work for a long time, they will be overloaded with work and various diseases, but the most common is wrist pain. When the wrist hurts, it will affect people’s lives, and it will also affect people’s work. It will have a big impact. So everyone wants to thoroughly treat the wrist pain. There are also many people who want to know what caused it. His wrist hurts.
Wrist pain caused by what happened
There are many reasons for wrist pain. It may be due to a wrist sprain. When a wrist sprain occurs, there will always be pain, inconvenience, and even frequent swelling, so you should observe yourself more often. Physical condition. It may also be due to rheumatoid arthritis, which has many special clinical manifestations.

What to do with wrist pain
1. It is very important to do gentle hand exercises in a timely manner, such as rotating or shaking the wrist frequently, and it is also very important to do the grip and release movement with the hand frequently. It is very important to insist on doing this every day. effect.
2. If you have shoulder and neck pain in your wrists, you can raise your hands. Keep your hands higher than your head. It will have a good relief effect.
3. You can keep doing head exercises for 10 minutes every morning, and keep turning your head to relieve the pain in your wrists.
4. Wrist pain can be supplemented with various vitamins, including vitamin c and vitamin b6, which can be better alleviated, in addition to anti-inflammatory effects.

5. You can often choose the back-hand movement. Put your hands on the back of the chair and do it repeatedly for 15 minutes with each hand. If you stick to it for a week, you can get better relief.
6. You can also take anti-inflammatory drugs for pain relief, such as aspirin, but you must follow the doctor's instructions when taking it. Do not eat indiscriminately, otherwise it will affect your body.
7. For wrist pain, you can use hot compress, choose to use a hot towel to apply to the wrist, which can promote the speed of blood circulation, and can also quickly promote the healing of the wound. However, when applying heat, you must wait 72 hours after the injury before performing this method.
8. You can choose to use a wrist guard, which can better protect the arm, and keep the hand and wrist in a straight line, which can also relieve the wrist sprain again.
9. Wrist pain can be wrapped with a bandage, but you must pay attention when using this method, do not be too tight, otherwise there will be poor blood circulation.
10. Protect your hands while sleeping. Never touch your arms and avoid letting your arms droop while sleeping.
Wrist Support
In fact, everyone’s body is particularly fragile, so you must protect your body, especially your wrists, in your daily life. When a series of wrist problems appear, then there must be a reasonable method to treat it, so that you can To avoid injury to the wrist again, it can also ensure that the wound can be healed quickly.