What are the symptoms of human sub-health? 8 performance tips that you are in a health imbalance

What are the symptoms of human sub-health? 8 performance tips that you are in a health imbalance

Sub-health refers to state of the human body gray state between health and disease, although the sub-health will not do fatal damage to human body, but the long-term sub-health symptoms if you don't get timely regulate will have a significant impact on the body, and may cause chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, sub-health is also caused by the underlying causes of disease of heart head blood-vessel, understanding of sub-health symptoms can better avoid disease caused by the damage.

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1. Weak physique: Weakness is a common symptom of sub-health. Although weakness is not necessarily caused by sub-health, sub-health groups are generally weaker.

2. Fatigue: Generally speaking, people who are sub-healthy tend to have insufficient energy due to weakness and inability to concentrate when doing things. Prolonged mental concentration will lead to fatigue. Over time, it will cause low work efficiency and lack of physical strength. .

3. Muscle soreness: sub-healthy people often have unexplained muscle soreness and other symptoms. Those who have muscle soreness without intense exercise need to consider whether it is sub-healthy, so as to carry out targeted conditioning.

4. Abnormal body temperature: Many people often have abnormal body temperature. Occasionally, low-grade or high-grade fever, and recurrence after cure, is sub-healthy symptoms.

5. Blurred vision: If blurred vision occurs without excessive use of the eyes for a long time, then it can be judged as a sub-health state.

6. Sleep disorders: People with sub-health symptoms are prone to insomnia, or have light sleep, and are easily awakened by small movements. Once they wake up, they cannot fall asleep again. Poor sleep quality and sleep disorders are common in sub-healthy people. Discomfort symptoms.

7. Emotional irritability: Sub-healthy people often feel emotionally depressed, and are accompanied by mild irritability, easy to feel fear, and palpitation. These emotional sub-health symptoms need to be paid attention to so that they will not aggravate, otherwise they will It is very easy to evolve into mental illness such as depression and anxiety.

8. Dizziness and headache: People who often feel dizziness and headache are generally sub-healthy. People with mild dizziness and headache can return to normal after a period of conditioning, but if they don't attract enough attention, they can easily cause various diseases.

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Sub-health conditioning:
1. Reasonable and nutritious diet: In order to enter a sub-healthy state, the conditioning must first start with diet. The diet should pay attention to nutrition, but not overeating. At the same time, eat regularly, don’t stop eating because you’re busy with work today

2. Regular work and rest, adequate sleep: Many people enter a sub-healthy state, in fact, because of working overtime, or staying up late and lack of sleep.
Therefore, to adjust the sub-health state, you must pay attention to ensuring that you have enough sleep. Not only should you sleep enough in time, but also the quality of sleep should be high. When sleeping, ensure a good sleeping environment, a quiet house, clean sheets, and do not drink a lot of water before going to bed.
At the same time, the time to go to bed should be regular every day. Don’t go to bed early today and go to bed late tomorrow. The bed time for the day after tomorrow is different. Slowly adjust your own biological clock to develop a reasonable schedule.

3. Have the habit of exercising: Exercise can strengthen one's physique, maintain physical health, and improve one's own resistance. Many people who enter the sub-health state are actually in a state of fatigue due to lack of necessary exercises, reduced physical fitness, and high-pressure work.
Exercise recommends running, playing ball and other aerobic exercises, as well as aerobics, or self-massage. Of course, exercise should control the amount of exercise, and not overwork or exercise, so as not to backfire.

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4. Control emotions and regulate stress: People's emotions are very important for maintaining people's health. People with large mood swings are always vulnerable, and the same is true for health.
Therefore, you must manage your emotions. Once you have a bad emotion, don't let it backlog in your heart, and learn to let go of it in a timely manner. The same is true for the pressure of life and work. If the pressure is not released in time, the backlog will cause people to burst into collapse and become more and more anxious about life.
You can cultivate your own hobbies, relieve the pressure from life and work in time, and learn to be optimistic about life, so that you can live less tired and feel the joy of life more easily.

5. Carry out more social activities: Too much time alone can easily lead to autism, or social fear, a tendency to be out of group, reasonable and appropriate social activities, not only can broaden your horizons, increase your knowledge, but also make people more Feel the joy of life and the preciousness of friendship.

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