What is a round shoulder?

What is a round shoulder?

Some people don't know what kind of situation round shoulders belong to, so I will introduce to you what round shoulders are. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Round shoulders are common "breasted", shoulders forward, shoulders are semicircular, so it is called "round shoulders". It is a kind of muscle imbalance. For the average person, it is caused by people who are at desk for a long time and often maintain a posture with their shoulders forward and slightly bowed for a long time. For fitness people, it is only the front body. The result of not practicing the back half of the body is simply the result of practicing only the chest and not the back. So for experienced bodybuilders, back training is king. But with round shoulders, it's a slight hunchback, and it gets more hunched after a long time.

Round shoulders are because the chest muscles are too tight, and the middle and lower parts of the rhomboid muscles and trapezius muscles are too loose.

Why is round shoulders accompanied by kyphosis? Usually, the looseness of the middle and lower parts of the rhomboid muscles and trapezius muscles will be accompanied by the weakness of the erector spinae.

The root of solving round shoulder lies in:
Lack of upper body strength! It's not just the problem of those few muscles!
The lack of chest strength causes muscle atrophy and reduced elasticity in the chest. Have you ever seen someone with round shoulders like Schwarzenegger? Especially the chest press is not only the strength training of the chest muscles, but also the strength and elasticity training of the chest muscles. The rib cage and shoulder bones of the upper body will undergo certain corrections and changes due to external forces during training, and can be natural Improve the balance between the strength of various muscle bundles.

People who use the above solutions to achieve poor results can try extreme chest training, I believe you can see the difference!

The other most important problem is the excessive strength of the latissimus dorsi muscle, because the shoulder joint will internally rotate when the humerus is contracted and aggravate the symptoms. From this point of view, the strength of the chest, which counteracts the strength of the back, is particularly important!
But back training is also very important. In terms of choosing exercises, heavy barbell rowing is a good choice. If you don't believe it, analyze this exercise yourself. Heavy barbell rowing can strengthen the strength of the back, especially the strength of the middle of the back.

Therefore, the improvement of the overall strength of the upper body and the adjustment of the joint position of the external force are the ultimate solutions to the round shoulder problem. People need exercise and the exercise of compound strength. It is not about gender, gender, or type of work, but your heart and actions!

A person's looks and temperament are too easy to get lost in this kind of physical imbalance. The best way to improve this problem is to exercise and change habits.
Posture Corrector
A simple description of round shoulders means that the shoulders are buckled in front, and the back shoulders and upper back are very round. People are in a state of chest and back.
Briefly describe the cause of round shoulders:
1. Poor life and work posture
2. Poor training posture
3. Factors of injury
4. Lack of exercise
The above factors can cause the pectoralis minor muscle tension function in the inner layer of the chest, the pectoralis major muscle tension and flexibility decrease, the upper trapezius muscle is tense; the middle and lower trapezius muscles of the upper back are loose or too elongated, and the related muscles around the scapula are too weak .
Solution: One of the best ways to train the above-mentioned muscle groups is to stretch the pectoral muscles and do more training to stabilize the muscle groups such as the middle and lower trapezius and rhomboid muscles.

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