What is the cause of shoulder pain?

What is the cause of shoulder pain?

It is normal for contemporary people to have shoulder pain, mainly because of office work, long-term sitting, facing the computer, and some people playing with mobile phones all the time, making the cervical spine always in a state of being stretched. For a long time, it is easy to have shoulder pain, and there may be pain in the left and right shoulders.

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If the pain is always on the right shoulder, you should pay attention to it. Recall whether there has been a strain or sprain on your right shoulder recently. Sometimes there is no response when the shoulder is hit, but a few days later. Genius will respond. If not, beware of some changes in the body.

When there is a problem with the digestive system in the body, it will also affect the right shoulder, especially the spleen, stomach or pancreas, damage, ulcers, or inflammation of the gallbladder. They will stimulate the right phrenic nerve endings, and then There will be a tingling sensation through the right shoulder. If the pain is obvious, it must be dealt with to reduce the damage to the body.

When the liver is damaged, it will also affect the right shoulder and cause pain. Many people usually do not pay attention to the maintenance of the liver, and often do things that damage the liver, excessive smoking and drinking, often staying up late, and being irritable. The liver is damaged, and the liver is a silent part. When it is damaged, it will not express directly, but through some abnormal manifestations to remind the body. Pain in the right shoulder is a manifestation of liver problems. It will be involved in the right shoulder blade, making it painful, and the pain will be more obvious with the changes in the body.
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The pain in the left shoulder is not the same as on the right. When it is painful, you need to consider whether it has a cold. When the cold enters the shoulder, there will be a tingling sensation, making the shoulder pain. Or if there is inflammation inside, the appearance of frozen shoulder can also cause shoulder pain, especially the elderly should be careful.

What we need to pay attention to is the health of the heart, because when the heart has a problem, it will affect the shoulders. The heart is located on the left side. The pain on the left shoulder is more obvious. Nowadays, many people have cardiovascular problems, whether young or old. There are problems in this area. When there is a heart problem, angina or myocardial infarction, not only the heart will have pain, but the left shoulder will also have problems. Therefore, when the left shoulder pain is obvious, you must pay attention to physical conditioning to reduce the appearance of damage. .

Shoulder pain is also a distress signal of the body. It is usually a problem in the body. It is manifested by external abnormalities. The factors of left and right pain are also different. According to different parts of the pain, the body can be adjusted in a targeted manner, which can also reduce the pain. The impact of the body, healthier operation.

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