What size maternity belt do I need?

What size maternity belt do I need?

If you’re buying a belt that relies on dress size, your pre-pregnancy size will usually work. 

With that said, sizing scales can vary across brands. For example, some brands use weight ranges while others use your dress size. It's always best to check the manufacturer's sizing guide.

Also keep in mind that if you buy a belt in your first trimester, it might not fit in your second or third. Depending on when you’re buying a maternity support belt, you may want to go up a size. 

How long can I wear a maternity support belt?

You should only wear a maternity belt for a few hours a day such as two to three hours and even then, only when you feel that you really need it. 

As tempting as it may seem to wear your maternity support belt all the time — it's not recommended. They're not designed to be worn for extended periods religiously. This is because when you’re wearing a belt, the belt is doing all the hard work and your muscles and ligaments aren’t. 

As a result, you can unintentionally weaken your muscles or put too much pressure on your baby.

Personally, I wore one for about 20 min a few times a day if I was standing for long periods or doing chores and wanted to ensure proper posture or support.

Are pregnancy support belts safe?

Yes, it’s safe to wear a pregnancy support belt — but don’t wear it indefinitely every day. You still need to make sure that your muscles are being activated.

An unexpected side effect of wearing a pregnancy belt too much is that it could make your pain and discomfort worse when you take it off. 

In contrast, traditional belly bands designed to act as a transitional wardrobe piece for your pre-pregnancy clothes can be worn as long as you like. These items are usually made of soft-sided stretchy material that doesn’t offer heavy-duty support. 


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