when can i start wearing postpartum belt after c-section?

when can i start wearing postpartum belt after c-section?

After giving birth, every mother is most concerned about the body and the recovery of the body, looking at the mirror fat of their own often very vexed. So he put himself into a tight girdle, straddling to the belly, even difficult to bend down , thinking it would help him get back into shape faster.

when can i start wearing postpartum belt after c-section?

Does the postpartum corset really have this magical effect? ​​Is the band used or not used after delivery? Is there any harm in using it? How to use belly band correctly? What effect does the postpartum belly band have after all?

Today we're going to talk about the postpartum belly band after giving birth.

In fact, it is not scientific to “wrap the belly with a postpartum girdle after delivery to prevent sagging of the internal organs”. The prevention of visceral sag should be paid attention to by all parturients after delivery, but the use of girdle not only does not prevent the effect but also may oppress the internal organs, resulting in complications.

When the force around the abdomen, there will be a certain pressure on the internal organs, so it greatly affects the maternal breathing, so that it can not be achieved with the breathing rhythm to relax, but will bring pressure on the internal organs.

Under normal circumstances, the moon should not tighten the waist.

Generally, after giving birth, the uterus will gradually restore, and the loose abdominal wall formed after giving birth, most of the women will also walk the natural recovery 6-28 weeks after giving birth.

After giving birth most new mother abdomen is fat and flabby, some new mother to restore a body shape, adopted the method that tighten the waist, cordage waist, tighten the lumbar abdomen very tightly, this kind of method is unscientific, this can not achieve the goal of fitness already, still affect healthy body.

How should the postpartum belt after c-section be worn?

Lie on the bed, open the girdle and place it under the buttocks, and gather both sides and the proud flesh of the lower abdomen with your hands, all together. Please ask your family to hold it down, then pull it up from both ends , and fix the magic felt on the adhesive degree, and finally confirm the elastic degree.

The corset is too loose and may lose its function, and too tight can make it feel uncomfortable, so it depends on how mom feels. It’s about as tight as you can fit a palm in.


There are many types of wearing belt after c-section, so mothers should choose according to their specific conditions and the advice of doctors

➤ material: select good permeability of cotton, gauze, elastic material corset belt.

➤ size: corset with large, medium and small three models to choose the right, if you have all size, good natural elasticity is the best.

➤ functions: natural birth and cesarean section’s mother want to choose to suit oneself circumstance of corset belt. Follow your doctor’s advice.

➤ convenience degree: if you don’t allow time to take care of the baby, can choose light corset with simple operation; If time permits, a bandage is a good choice. How should the postpartum belt after c-section be worn?

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