When to start wearing pregnancy support belt?

When to start wearing pregnancy support belt?

Pregnancy is such a fun and exciting time for a family! There are so many new things to learn about, new sensations that you’ll feel, and your baby’s body is developing new parts and systems every day. But what about the changes happening to your body? Pregnancy can change your posture, your balance, and put additional pressure on your joints and pelvic floor–all of which increase the workload of your muscles and ligaments.
Wearing a pregnancy support band can be a great way to keep feeling your best while your body is growing a baby.

There are many benefits to wearing a support band, sometimes referred to as a maternity belly band, maternity belt, or pregnancy belt. Pregnancy support bands are different from belly wraps or waistband extenders. A high-quality band is designed to provide gentle compression and the extra support you need as your body changes. Maternity compression can be especially helpful if you are dealing with pelvic girdle pain, lower back pain, or if you have diastasis recti, but even for a normal, healthy pregnancy it can be useful.

During pregnancy, your body releases a hormone (relaxin) that relaxes and loosens your ligaments, making them stretchy and your joints less stable. A growing belly and looser connective tissue–sounds like a great combination, right? Not so much, which is why a pregnancy belly band can be a huge help! It can help stabilize your pelvis, improve your posture, help your baby get in a better position for delivery, and put you one step ahead in your postpartum recovery.

What is a pregnancy belly support band?

Pregnancy support bands are flexible but sturdy garments that help support the lower back and abdomen during and after pregnancy. They wrap around your lower back and cradle your belly to ease pressure on your back and pelvis.

Pregnancy support bands, or maternity belts can help:

  • Decrease back and pelvic discomfort associated with pregnancy or giving birth
  • Support posture
  • Provide gentle compression during exercise
  • Help heal postpartum abdominal weakness (along with specific exercises)
  • Strengthen the core


When should I start wearing a pregancy support band?

Women who are interested in trying a pregnancy support band should always begin by speaking with their doctor (this not only ensures your health and safety, but a doctor’s prescription is necessary to receive a Pregnancy support bands through insurance).

Pregnancy belts and bands can be worn at any time during or after pregnancy, although it’s usually women in the second and third trimesters who have the most trouble with back and pelvic pain. Twenty weeks is the average recommended time to start using one.

Maternity belly bands are meant to be worn temporarily to help reduce abdominal and back discomfort during and after pregnancy. Pregnancy or maternity belts should only be worn for short sessions - around 2 to 3 hours at a time - so that they do not replace the work of your core muscles. You only want to reinforce and support these muscles. Many women find that the best times to wear one are during exercise or other physical activities.

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