Why is pregnant with back pain?

Why is pregnant with back pain?

Many women experience back pain after pregnancy, which will not only affect sleep, but also be very painful. So many women want to figure out the cause of back pain after pregnancy, so that they can alleviate it. So, why is pregnant with back pain? Now I will explain it to women who are pregnant with back pain.

1. Hormonal changes in the body: Women's back pain during pregnancy may be caused by hormone changes in the body. This situation is a normal phenomenon for pregnant women and generally does not require treatment, so women should not worry too much, just take more rest.

2. The uterus becomes larger: women know that after pregnancy, the uterus will become larger day by day. When the uterus becomes larger, the center of gravity of the woman's body will move forward. At this time, in order to maintain the balance of the center of gravity, women will raise their heads Department, slowly will cause waist pain. This kind of treatment does not require treatment, as long as women stay in bed more, the symptoms of back pain will be reduced.

3. Reduced exercise: After a woman is pregnant, the number of exercises will be very small, and if the body is not exercise for a long time, the physical strength will decrease, which may cause back pain. Therefore, women should also exercise properly after pregnancy, such as pregnant women's gymnastics, walking, etc., so as to relieve back pain.

4. Calcium deficiency: If calcium deficiency, it will also cause back pain. Therefore, women with calcium deficiency, whether before or after pregnancy, should add calcium and eat more foods such as dried shrimp skins and soy products.

How to relieve severe back pain in pregnant women

1. Maintain a correct sitting, standing, walking posture, and maintaining a good sitting, standing, walking and sleeping posture from the beginning of pregnancy can effectively avoid or relieve back pain in early pregnancy. Correct sitting posture: After pregnancy, you should choose soft cushions for the office chair you usually sit on, which can effectively relieve the pressure on your back, and then you should prepare a small stool when you sit normally, and put your feet on it, which can effectively promote your legs. Blood circulation in the lower part; correct standing posture: After pregnancy, standing for a long time will easily cause backache and backache, especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy. Therefore, expectant mothers must avoid standing too long during pregnancy. When you are tired, you should quickly find a place to sit down and rest. If the combat power lasts for a long time, you should stand with your feet in front of each other and change the front and back positions every few minutes so that your weight rests on the extended front legs.

2. Hot compress massage pay attention to keep warm, hot compress massage: expectant dad can do massage for pregnant mother to relieve back pain. When massaging the five fingers together, place them on both sides of the back lumbar vertebrae, palms inward, and slowly rub up and down until the area becomes hot. At the same time, it can also be used as a local hot compress. Apply a hot towel to the waist for about half an hour every day, which can effectively reduce the pain; pay attention to keeping the feet warm: in autumn and winter, the weather is cold, pregnant mothers must protect their feet, now wool socks, Cashmere trousers have everything, so you don’t get cold to yourself, cold will cause adverse reactions in the kidney, and in severe cases, it will cause low back pain.
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3. Pay attention to calcium supplementation and balanced nutrition to control your weight in a balanced diet: During pregnancy, you should pay attention to balanced nutrition, and at the same time, you should control your weight well, and don't let the weight gain too much or too fast. Pay attention to calcium supplementation: During pregnancy, due to the fetus's continuous growth and bone formation, a large amount of calcium is needed for the fetus to use. Therefore, pregnant mothers must not only take in the calcium they need, but also provide enough calcium for the baby. If calcium is not supplemented during pregnancy, the mother will suffer from calcium deficiency at the end of the entire pregnancy, causing loose teeth and pain in the waist and legs. In addition to supplementing enough calcium, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to frequent sun exposure and exercise to promote calcium absorption.

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